Monday, April 10, 2006


How do you know when it's real love? by William Mora Galleries

Hello hot sexy people. How's it going? Just a quick update...

Trip to Europe plans are coming along...well ok, all I've done is submit my passport application and shop for clothes I "need" for the trip....but you can see how I have every intention of doing some actual planning.

Truth be told I have my accomodations worked out, all my stops, my tickets bought...things are good. I just need to pack realistically. As in, I can't bring every pair of shoes I own. Boo.

I've also been seeing a boy...his name's Jordan and he's super awesome. We are having loads of fun hanging out and seeing where things may lead.

I definitely have spring fever. The weather's been beautiful mostly, and knowing that I have but 6 weeks left on the job is KILLING me. Literally, it is a slow silent death awaiting a vacation isn't it?

What else? I have found the art of spinning. Ok so spinning is probably "sooo 90's" but whatever, I love it! It's fun, plus once you're on the bike and in the spinning class you're stuck for an hour like it or not. 75 minutes on saturdays. killer!

Life is Good. and now, a quote from a Jewel song that I think best describes me:

"Be careful with me. I'm sensitive, and I'd like to stay that way" - Jewel

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Someone please remind my why this former Goddess is with that squatty homo-alien Tom Cruise?

Seriously...I came of age in the Dawson's Creek era. I loved Katie Holmes! She was always so refreshing. Ok so looking back Dawson's wasn't exactly Golden Globe caliber acting but whatever, she was cute and simple and not whorish. Katie: COME BACK. Bring baby.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Last night was seriously the hottest episode of Degrassi EVER. It had everything: drama, sex, cheating, lying, tears, joy, graduation! So hot. Beware...the following is a hardcore recap of the episode:

Ok so first, the show opens with Spinner telling Marco he made out with Paige the night before. Spin and D'Arcy broke up the same night. Then, D'Arcy walks in and tells Spinner she wants to get back together and tells him to think about it.

Later that night, D'Arcy goes to the coffee house where Spin works and they kiss and make up and get back together - and put back the Irish love rings they had taken off when they broke up. D'Arcy says she has to go pack for Bible Camp but to call her later so they celebrate their reunion with good clean Bible fun.

Instead, Spinner goes to Paige's house and Paige busts out their old yearbooks from when they were a couple. They get in a nostalgic mood and start going at it...the next day Spinner texts Marco the truth: he and Paige had sex.

Spin avoids D'Arcy all day and lies to her telling her he was trying to set up some going away present for her, and goes to find Paige. He tells her he wants to get back together and she's like "you can't be serious. we're both moving on". Spinner feels used for his manly body. He then decides to go find D'Arcy, who is all excited about her present. Spin tells her the guy who was supposed to set up this "present" texted him and told him he couldn't do it and goes to get them some drinks. D'Arcy wants to know what the present was so she looks through his texts only to find that there was no present...unless you count fucking Paige as a present!

Anyway D'Arcy takes off in a huff. The next day is graduation day. And it's a hot graduation day! First of all, Ashley comes back from London! She is wearing this ridiculous Britney Spears circa 1999 hat, but otherwise looks hot! She and Jimmy make nice and catch up on their friendship. Ashley is surprised to see that Ellie and Jimmy are good friends, and Jimmy admits he wants to be more than friends but won't admit it because girls don't like guys in wheelchairs. Whatev! Ellie tells Ashley she is crushing on someone but doesn't say who, so Ashley assumes it's Jimmy and tells him to he asks Ellie out and she says no...he's not the guy she's crushing on. She never says who it is though!? It was so confusing because I totally thought Ellie DID want Jimmy! So weird.

THEN...Ashley catches up with Jimmy and says she's sorry, she thought Ellie liked him...and he was all "NO! GIRLS DON'T LIKE WHEELCHAIRS" and Ashley bends down and kisses him. It was so cute! If you remember, Jimmy and Ashley dated way back when the show first started and Jimmy was still walking.

THEN...ok so the graduation ceremony starts and Spinner and Jimmy are on the sidelines..they're not graduating because of the whole shooting incident - Spinner was suspended and Jimmy was in physio - so they're both held back a year. All year Jimmy has refused to talk to Spin and picked fights with him but during graduation, he makes nice with Spinner and they hug and vow to be friends again. I seriously started crying at this part! It was hot!

THEN...the graduates go outside and WHO walks up but Craig! He's back from Vancouver - recording his solo album - to be with his friends and he surprises Manny and everyone when he walks up with his guitar. This part was sweet too because Craig hadn't seen Ashley since she unceremoniously dumped him through Ellie, but he looks over at her and smiles, and she smiles back, and Ellie smiles, and Jimmy smiles, and everyone smiles. It's just the most heartwarming/heartbreaking part! Everyone has had all these crazy dramas, but they all love each other. SO HOT.

Yes, I'm a huge nerd, but this was my favourite episode yet. Please keep coming back Degrassi!

Monday, March 20, 2006


Yes, today I had a vacation day. What have I been up to, you ask? Well, I decided to overhaul my room. One of those bursts of energy. So I got out the heavy duty garbage bags and went to work. 2 huge bags later, my room - more importantly, my closet - are sparkling. i love that!

also, i started spinning classes on friday. besides my ass really hurting, it's addictive! so much fun, and it's kind of neat how it's in the dark and there's a crazy disco ball going. seriously what other workouts have disco balls?! none, that's what. i heart spinning.

Anyway not much else to say right now. work again tomorrow. uhm...oh! i went shopping in the states on saturday and bought the hottest pink and gold dress ever, presumably to take with me on my trip. i can't even stand it anymore, May 31 where are you?!

song of the day: the sounds of Degrassi High.

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Maybe Lindsay Lohan should stop taking pictures like the one above if she doesn't want people to speculate that she's a crazy cokehead. Cause in that photo, she looks like she's about 3 sheets to the wind. bitch is straight up shitty. but she looks so glamorexic.


Hey guys! Hope your St. Pats was super cool-y-e!

I heart St. Pats. Beer beer and more beer.

Today I'm heading out for a shopping spree in the B-Lo, NY. I love the Walden Galleria. So many stores we don't have in's like CandyLand. And then when you wear the stuff you buy people go "oooh so cute where did you get that?" and you can be like "in the states...booyah!"

so it's almost 10 am. i'm starving and waiting for Angela to get her butt outta bed so we can go. i'm gonna go rummage for breakfast. xoxo

Friday, March 17, 2006


I really hate it when...

I'm a scatterbrain

I can't count on someone I should be able to count on

I am bloated

I'm lazy

that's all for now!


Well, this makes me feel a lot better about myself! lol. hey does anyone know how to upload mp3's onto my blog?

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Does anyone on the PLANET have faith in this bitch's comeback album? I haven't posted my comments on Britney since Federfetus was born. Honestly, I don't care about her anymore. She is so overexposed that's not even the right word for her anymore. But I am actually scared for her kid. Has someone ever tested Britney's actual mental capacity? The bitch is functionally retarded! That's my new favourite term for people who are so dumb it boggles my mind. Dumb as a bag of hammers. Dumber than Jessica Simpson. Now that's dumb!

But seriously, I don't feel sorry for this girl. She whores herself out to make a zillion dollars and then complains that the paparazzi is all over her ass. Uhm, Britney? Hi. Maybe if you didn't CONSTANTLY do dumb shit that practically SCREAMS take my picture, no one would. Barefoot in a gas station bathroom? check. 6 month old held by one arm in lap while driving? check. Trashy Vegas marriage followed by annulment followed by equally trashy wedding to Drunky McNojob? Check. Standing on balcony grabbing your husbands package? Check. Do I need to go on? Atleast people like Jessica Simpson KNOW where their bread is buttered, but Britney tries to be all victim-y about it. This goes for Sienna Miller too!

On another note: I am extremely happy about these two being back together. I NEVER feel that way about celebrities. Clearly, I am very worried(envious) about Nicole Richie what with her Karen Carpenteresque physique. Here's the hot bitch wearing Christian Louboutin pumps and a Lamberto Losani sweater. HOT. and a photo shoot for some magazine where her eyeballs look like they're about to fall out of her head. Healthy!

And yet...she looks flawless in Tatler UK:

Whether you like her or not, and clearly I have a fixation with her, you have to agree that she has been EVERYWHERE lately. She's on every magazine, tabloid, at every party and event and on every gossip blog. I think it's the sad part of fame though, the underbelly if you will, because this girl only became huge after she became frighteningly skinny. The media loves and hates her for it. We want to call her anorexic but no one wants her to go back to the way she was originally. She's a Hollywood lab rat. She's just doing what she thinks it takes to be popular. And it works. Something to think about. Anyway, yeah I am blabbering today.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Hey guys! It's been a while, I know. Forgive me! A lot has happened though! Let's see...well, to make a long story short I decided to throw caution to the wind and quit my job. But I didn't quit it just to be a bum and watch Oprah all day! No no, people, I quit my job to do something I always wanted to do: Europe!

That's right, I'm taking the Sarah show on the road in jolly old England, France, Greece, Italy, Austria, Germany, Holland and more! I'm so excited. I am planning to leave end of May and come back some time in July. I'm actually really sad to be leaving my job because we had a lot of fun here. I'll miss my coworkers with a special shoutout to Marty, and to Kam who is on mat leave and I miss her terribly!

I am so excited though, I really can't stop smiling about it. I'm going to be unemployed for the first time since I was, like, 10 delivering newspapers! Anyway, as you can tell, I'm pretty friggin excited. This is going to be a big summer, when I get back I have bridesmaid duty for my brother's wedding on Labour Day. After that, my parents are taking off on their own travels and I'll be HOME ALONE McCaulay Culkin-style for like 6 weeks. Then, who knows? I am seriously thinking of going to China to visit a friend who teaches English there. So many possibilities, so little me. Speaking of little me, the weight loss mission is going excellently. I've lost about 20 lbs. in total since August, most of which was lost January 1st on after I got the whole New Year motivation vibe going.

So all in all, life is good. Never perfect but no one's is. Things are great. OH and this Friday is St. Patty's day! I know I'll be wearing green and getting my drink on, I hope you guys have fun too! xoxo

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Well I'm half watching the Oscars. I gotta say, the Oscars kind of bore me. Yada yada, people dress up and win stuff, blah blah. Here are my current thoughts:

I think Jessica Alba looks friggin edible. Gorgeous. Perfection.

Otherwise, everyone else is fug. Ok fine not everyone, maybe i'm just bitchy. no wait, i was right the first time. EVERYONE is fug this year. Maybe it's true: fugly is the new pretty?

Michelle Williams clearly doesn't have friends, otherwise she would never have left the house in a dress resembling an accident with a certain yellow condiment.

Felicity Huffman is wearing a dress cut down to her bellybutton further proving that she really IS a dude.

And Charlize?! That dress would have been exquisite minus the gigantic bow casting a shadow over her head to warn us all of 80's fashion comebacks on the horizon.

God, I could go on. Sandra Bullock: fug. Nicole Kidman: same old same old. Reese Witherspoon: terrible dress choice, the colour is all wrong. Jennifer Aniston: are you ever going to DO your hair for an event? Keira Knightley: good dress, fug dye job. Meryl Streep: I know you're Meryl Streep but for ONCE could you please wear something FLATTERING.

People, this is not good. Jon Stewart is hot shit though, I love him.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Wow, it's been FOREVER - like, 3 days - since I've posted about my girl Nicole Richie. Look what this bitch wore to hand out free Diet Dr. Pepper's (read: the entire contents of her diet) to New Yorkers. WTF?!:

And here she is shopping...her bangs are looking a little...uhm...Large. But otherwise girlfriend is exquisite. She's such a role model.

Shopping again. Seriously what else does this bitch do? I love her.

Check out this f*ed up clip of her and Hohan. Nice "interview".

Monday, February 20, 2006


Well, Friday certainly lived up to my expectations. In fact, I think it somersaulted over my expectations in a drunken haze. Let's just say, I'm not a big drinker. And let's just say, I'm a cheap drunk when I do drink. And let's just say, I got shitty. I was ass backwards retarded drunk. As Carrie Bradshaw says, Drunkety Drunk Drunk.

We went to this bar called Stella's. It's probably my favourite bar, I dig the open concept and the dance floor is pretty spacious. Of course, spacious is good when you lose control of your limbs. I blame my cousin Nathalie - below left - for coaxing me into a kind of drunk you can't turn back from once you're there.

Anyway, if anyone is into hockey like I am and knows the Buffalo Sabres, their star fighter Andrew Peters was at Stella's on Friday and I proceeded to accost him in a fit of giggles. Apparently he was trying to be covert and I outed him. Oh well.

The following events I can't recount with certainty...mostly because I'm trying to forget what I remember and can't remember the rest ;) I suppose that could either mean it was a successful night or....not. I don't know but I had fun! Until the next morning when I fell asleep on my bathroom mat.....

Thursday, February 16, 2006

What a week! I'm feeling very very good since my workout regime began approximately a week ago. Renewed motivation has caused me to lose another 4 lbs. this week alone. LOVES IT. guys probably can't relate but for a girl losing 4 lbs. is like heaven! even if you're nicole richie. lol.

Valentine's Day came and went uneventfully. A boy asked me to be his valentine which was very the end though, I spent it doing my nails at home while my parents went on a vday date. My dad brought me back heart shaped lava cake. mmm.

Wednesday my girl friend came down and took me out for lunch midday - a nice break from the work thing. And brought me a single rose and a lovely card. Unexpected and very nice. We went out that night for a little post valentine's date of our own. fun times...

and today, i am relaxing after work with a trip to the gym and some Survivor on the tube. I promised a few people I'd go to Stella's tomorrow for some dancing and drinking fun I must be rested and ready for said fun times. I need it!

I certainly had my share of not fun situations this week. More like something I had to do, but it sucked. Had to do, but didn't necessarily want to do. Those things happen. I am very happy with myself though because sometimes - as a woman - I tend to overthink my actions in terms of what other people will think. And now, I'm sort of growing into realizing that sometimes it just doesn't matter. You have to take care of you and if you can't change a situation, then it's your decision/fault if you keep repeating it or not. It can get sticky but in the end, it's worth it to stand up for yourself. No one else will!

Love ya biotches. This is going to be a lovely weekend, weather be damned!


Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I LOVES me some Olympics. I really do. No offence to any Americans who read my blog because I love the Americano's but in Canada, we are slightly anti-US....not in the Al-Qaeda extremist kind of way, but in the jealous little sister kind of way. We just kind talking about you behind your back. A lot. But you're used to it by now being that your President is vaguely retarded. But secretly we're just jealous! We promise! Anyway, in that respect Olympic time becomes The Time When We Hope the Americans fall Flat on Their Asses and We Don't. I know, it's so petty...but it's TRADITION! We are glued to the CBC 24/7 watching Olympic events, and since my dad just bought us a friggin 90" movie screen for a tv, well...we aren't exactly motivated not to watch. Here are some of my favourite athletes and highlights. Oh and P.S....secretly we know we can't win more medals than you. And it hurts. It really hurts.

Beckie Scott and Sara Renner...silver medal in women's team sprint:

Alison Forsyth, poor thing crashed and suffered injuries during a practice run the other day and can't compete now. This also happened to a French and an American, but of course NBC didn't mention the Canadian! Bastards! (xoxo)

The one sport we KNOW we can beat you at (and it's our favourite!)...and we're practically giddy waiting for that day to come. 2002 Olympic repeat? I think so!! It almost makes up for our other shortcomings (snowboarding anyone?).

So far it's only like day 4 so nothing huge has happened...but you can bet I'll keep posting about the Olympics because I'm addicted. Oh also, apparently it's Valentine's day. Happy Valentine's Day people!

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I saw this movie last week and it was SO hot. Great movie, great acting, great story, it was sad and funny and really really great. It was also gay. Very gay. And I gotta say, I never thought I'd want to see two dudes but Jake and Heath changed my mind. It was HOT. Ok the sex scene was debatable but the makeout scenes were hot. HOT HOT.

Anyway they were all on Oprah the other day and some parts of the interview were really annoying. Jakey was actually the cutest part! He looked so fine as evidenced below. He was very jokey and cute. At first it was just him and Heath being interviewed and since Heath is basically a wet rag Jake held up that interview like a true gay would on Oprah!

Then the girls came out, and Michelle Williams kissed Heath on the cheek and sat with her man, holding hands the whole time. *Vomit*. Ok it was *kind of* cute when Heath said Michelle was "the best mother in the world". But she was kind of fake. She was acting all shy and shit and very uncomfortable and untalkative. Bitch you were in a hot movie and you're on Oprah! Smile! I swear, people should just give their fame and money to me and I'LL enjoy it for their ungrateful asses!

Then Oprah was like "tell me how you guys fell in love" to Heath and Michelle and Jake was all cute and said "well, I'll tell you, we made out and they had a baby". Aww. I love Toothy he's so cute! But then there was this awkward moment where Michelle was like "well, things just developed after a while..." and Anne Hathaway interrupted and was like "I'M SORRY but there were sparks RIGHT AWAY!"....and Oprah was like "uhm...moving on then...". Who knew Anne Hathaway was such a crazy bitch? She also totally insulted Oprah when Oprah asked her if her character knew her husband was gay in the end of the movie and Anne goes "well I think it was obvious". Oprah's like uhm? So my question is stupid?...what a chooch! You don't insult Oprah EVER, even behind her BACK because she will find out and pull a James Frey-style attack on your ass and ruin you!

My hair weighs more than this bitch...

So I got my hair cut on Saturday just like the above photo. It looks hot, I must say. The stylist that cut my hair was all smart and current and shit...she knew who Nicole Richie was - I brought a picture - and wasn't all stupid and annoying like some time I went in for a haircut back in the day when Jennifer Aniston had shorter hair...and the stylist DID NOT know who Maniston was. WTF!? Anyways...since I wear my hair mostly wavy...I'm thinking it'll look something like below...minus the skin fighting to stretch over the jutting bones. My body is like 3x this bitch's size. Plus my hair won't fall out due to malnutrition. Now that's hot! Seriously though, as much as I try, I can't hate her. I feel sorry for her, wish she'd gain like 10 lbs. and am pretty sure she's on drugs...but I love her. LOVE HER.

Monday, January 30, 2006

The thing about that is...

Mean Girls is CONSTANTLY on the movie network. I almost always watch it, provided I'm home, watching TV at the time and notice that it's on. The thing about this movie is that it kind of seems to show that girls are only mean when they're girls. Not true. Some girls are mean forever. Some girls never, ever become nice girls.

Case in point: The dreaded talking about your friend behind her back to another friend. Ok, we all do this now and then. Like, if someone pisses me off somehow, I won't hesitate to say how and why and I might tell a mutual friend if said trespass warrants it. But some girls will literally find ANY occasion to shit-talk their "friends" behind their back. "Oh, the sky is blue? Jane is a bitch." Not good. Even if the person you shit-talk to doesn't tell you, she thinks you're a big bitch for bashing your other friend to her and secretly wonders if you do it to her too. And frankly, if you're willing to do it to one person, you're probably willing to do it to other people. Namely, the very person you're gossipping to. Paranoia and girl chaos ensue! Yada yada yada. Whatever, all I know is, I've noticed as of late that some people will talk shit about ANYONE and EVERYONE about ANYTHING, and it's a disease called "insecurity". Do not let yourself be infected. That's what celebrity gossip is for, not your friends.

Men don't have this problem because men are not petty. Men do not speculate about each other's health/personal life/haircut/weight/clothing. In fact, men don't speculate at all. Men just are. I like that about men.

If you're in an argument with someone, expect their side of the story to magically get out to people. But if you're wondering if someone is untrustworthy, they probably are. Instincts don't lie. That's my life lesson for the day!

Let's hope that my backpacking adventure shows me a much MUCH bigger picture of the world, because Girl-World as it's called in Mean Girls tends to get old. Not that there aren't secure, intelligent, sweet girls out there. You just wouldn't know it based on what the bitchy ones say!

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Do you ever wonder if you should pursue something crazy just because if you don't, regret will eat away at you? I'm sure you do, we've all had that feeling. There are many times in my life that I've been scared to do something, say something, or face something that I know I should. But just when I feel that I've been giving in to fear or missing opportunities for too long, I get a surge of strength and courage and decide to take matters into my own hands. This, folks, is what brings me to the point of today's post.

I want to travel. I don't want to just take a trip, but really immerse myself in my travels. I want to travel for months on end and see things I won't believe I saw later, meet people I never would have met otherwise, and all around rely on myself for a long, long time. You only live once, you're only young once, and you only get so many chances to do what you've dreamed about doing before your chances are wasted.

So I've made the ultimate decision that I am going to do it. The photo above is of a Belgian statuette. My mother is Belgian. I'll have to go visit her home country and see where she lived. I want to go back to France because thankfully I've been once before. I want to go to Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Scotland, England, Holland, Portugal, Spain...and of course Ryan I want to come and visit you in China so maybe we'll call this a backpacking trip through Europe and Other :)

I am so excited that I've made the decision that it IS possible and that I am going to do it. Now, the planning...right. Damnit!


Kam had her baby, as we all know. He now has a name! It's Nishaan. Beautiful. I love it. It's very sing-songy and precious. Apparently it means - roughly - "target" or "bullseye"...but in a "beautiful way" as I was explained by someone who knows about these things. Sweet!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

How could I forget to mention?! Kam had her baby! Yay! An 8 lb. something oz. baby boy! So cute. He doesn't have a name yet but i'll keep ya posted! ;)

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Well I have finally caught the sickness that is My Dad's Cold I was Trying not to Get. It's actually not that bad, I have a slightly raspy - a.k.a. supersexy and hot of course! - voice, but the postnasal drip and coughing, not so hot. I now know what Colin Farrel's lungs must feel like. Or his liver. Or his kidneys. Or his unsafely and overused penis. Or his mother, because she must be really ashamed of....I digress. Anyway, apparently Colin is suing over their posting of a free link to his sex tape. Who even wants to see his gnarly ass doing it with some random skank? I do not know HOW or WHY Colin Farrell is famous but you heard it here first folks: COLIN FARRELL IS DISGUSTING. NOT CUTE. NOT HOT. NOT SEXY. NOT TALENTED. COLIN FARRELL SHOULD GO AWAY. FOR A LONG, LONG TIME. HELL, FOREVER. HE IS REMINISCENT OF SOMEONE LIVING ON THE EAST SIDE OF WELLAND AND THAT AIN'T GOOD.

Ahh, yes. I feel much better having broken that news.

So, what else? This weather is out of control! I mean, I realize that regardless of the weather conditions I'll continue to wear skirts without stockings because I believe in suffering for fashion, but COME ON. It's just a LOT easier on all of us - all of us being anyone who has to listen to my whining - if it's warm and sunny outside.

So remember I told you guys I went on a super fun and wicked date with a boy a little while back? Well the boy and I have been seeing each other. I can't say I'm seeing stars or fireworks or...whatever. But, we have reasonable amounts of fun together so we have continued to see each other. But, tonight, I can honestly say nuts to that! Things the boy does that annoy me: Doesn't call me when he says he will, only to call much much MUCH later and exclaim: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!. No, boy, no, where have YOU been?? Calling me after a night or five of heavy drinking with what can only be described as emphazyma voice to recount how drunk he got and what stupid things he did. Girls don't really like that. No I know, it's hard to believe but we don't.

Anyway so methinks this boy has had his day in the life of moi. I shall now fill my time stroking my 17 cats and playing Solitaire. Kidding bitches! Actually my brother is getting married so I'm going to be tied up trying to find a bridesmaid dress and being a good sister/bridesmaid.

Well I'm about to eat dinner...goodnight all!


Sunday, January 15, 2006

Well tonight is like Julia Roberts night or some shit on tbs because they just played Stepmom and now Pretty Woman. I LOVE me some Pretty Woman. It's at commercial now, but the part where she goes shopping in her hooker dress and gets turned away just ended. I love the song during that part...i think i need to invest in the soundtrack. I just got the soundtrack to Dirty Dancing and Rent. HOT.

Julia Roberts truly is a Pretty Woman. She is just gorgeous. Okay, lately she looks like her skin hasn't seen much light and she wears Lands End jeans and doesn't brush her hair, but she's a mother to twins so we'll let it slide. She will make a hot comeback and have a bangin' body and be just as gorgeous as ever very soon. SHE WILL. She is one of a kind. I love Julia.

So this weekend was pretty quiet, I haven't been sleeping well lately so I know I should have just spent it at home but of course I went to Angela's because I am addicted to hanging out there lol. loves it! Chandler, Ange and I just hung out and watched home movies but of course I passed out, slept over and we went shopping on Saturday at Designer Depot. I got THE hottest pair of Guess heels EVER. They're round-toe 4 inch heels with that sort of retro thick heel goin on, brown python on the toe and heel and the G logo canvas print on the rest. They are my new favourite shoes. I'm a shopaholic, I know. It's really bad! But I couldn't let these go. And, there was a pair of black heels I decided not to get that I now can't stop thinking about and want to go back and get. It's sick. Why am I cursed with fashion love? I mean I used to like clothes, love shopping....but it was like one day I discovered the world of shoes and bags and I went buckwild! They truly do MAKE an outfit don't they? I just spent an entire paragraph discussing shoes. damnit!

Well, after this weekend I am determined to get my sleeping issues under control. I haven't had a good night's sleep in quite some time now. I think that a lot of stressful events happened around Christmas that just wore me into insomniac mode. Anyway I'm definitely going to take steps to manage my stress in a healthy fashion and get more rest. I'm taking a Buddhist meditation class at Grantham Library every Thursday night about how to control the mind and body with meditation. Hot! I'm excited!

Saturday, January 14, 2006


My friend and co-worker Kam (played today by Parminder Nagra) is going to have a baby by Monday! I wonder what she's doing this weekend, her last as a non-Mother. I think she'll make a great mother, she kept me in line at work! :) I wonder what she will name the baby? And if it's a boy or a girl, because she doesn't know yet. It's very exciting, and I am rooting for a Angelina Jolie gives birth to Bradd Pitt's baby kind of delivery Kam! Cause that's hot!


Team Jolie: 1

Yes Angelina, yes you are.

Team Maniston: 0

There's two hours of my life I'll never get back.


Symptoms of Cocaine use include: Anorexia Nervosa.

Symptoms of Anorexia Nervosa include: Chronic, excessive, persistent consumption of gigantic caffeinated drinks.


I don't get girls today. First, Lindsay Lohan is hospitalized (how many times does a young "healthy" girl need to be hospitalized before people realize she's a DRUG ADDICT?) and then like 2 days later, she's spotted at Scores stripclub. Recovery be damned! But, according to some skeevy people who were also there, she and Kate Moss rolled in around 2:45 am and proceeded to act like best girlfriends. Y'know...if best girlfriends pole danced and made out with each other. Which, sorry guys, we don't.

However, I do see a disturbing trend amond young women to ACT like they play for other team. What's that about? I am completely open-minded, and have nothing against being gay. Heck, I love the gays! I have known a few gay people in my time. Gay = Great. But, when you're NOT a lesbian, why act like you are? And if you're acting like you are, then saying you're not would mean you're trying to hide something, no?

A good friend of mine lived with a bunch of girls all throughout University. One night after a particularly drunken party, one of the girls brought home another girl she had been hanging out with that night. Long story short, they ended up in bed together. How do you go from straight to practicing lesbian in ONE NIGHT?! i don't get it. Anyway, said girl then claimed to have a major girl-crush on my friend, and my friend having been in a relationship with a guy for the last five years clearly said sorry, not interested. HOWEVER, they have proceeded to drunkenly make out whenever they go out together. I don't know, call me crazy, but I don't make out with people I'm not interested in. Y'know, much.

I get that girl-on-girl is way more accepted in society than male homosexuality and I get that we're a lot more liberal about sexuality now. Some people are bi-sexual. But, that's completely different than random acts of lesbianism with your friends. That, in my opinion, seems like a lot of attention-seeking from guys whose jaws will inevitably drop upon seeing two girls going at it. And if you're in a relationship with a guy, is making out with a girl once in a while not....cheating?