Thursday, June 30, 2005

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wow has this week ever flown by. i keep forgetting to call Classic Farms and set up some lessons! I really want to learn how to show jump. It's my new goal.

tomorrow i volunteered to come into work and sit here all day by myself. we'll see how that goes. i'm going to bring in my laptop and watch dvd's all day. could be decent. and then, it's off to harold black park hopefully for some fireworks and beer drinkin' and Canada Day revelry.

Kim and CJ are firmly in their new home, it's absolutely gorgeous incase I hadn't mentioned it. kudos to you guys, i'm glad you did it. and Cory, i can't wait until you move into yours.

well i am PMSing, which is never fun. I have decided that i'm going to follow my doctor's advice in treating the horror that is PMS by eating tons of chicken and vegetables, because apparently a diet high in protein and veggies and low in refined sugar helps that sort of thing. it's also healthy, so you can't lose really. i can't go another month in Bitchy Bloated Tired Achy Hell. I could hurt someone.

it's so smoggy and hot outside that you can't see the mountain from the that is disgusting. just yesterday it was clear as day. a non-smoggy day.

i miss emily. where are you?! i feel like i haven't seen her in ages. it's been 20 days. but still, i really miss my high school homegirls emily and julie, and i hope to see you guys again very very soon. i can't live without a dose of my old school girls now and then!

it's only 2:44 pm. jesum crowe. how am i going to get through the rest of this day awake?

Sunday, June 26, 2005

the weekend that was...


I left work around 2 pm, after coming in early...sort of...and drove straight to Ange's to pick her up and make our way to the B.Lo for our weekend extravaganza. On the way there, we were already super pumped for the good times to come and ended up delving into an underworld known as Girls Gone Wild. Yes, folks, we were buckwild. Two men in a truck I can only describe as "The Pitbull" were staring into our vehicle so hard it looked like they had X-Ray I proceeded to remove one step and flashed them. Yeah, I don't know. I got nothing. No excuse, just really never flashed anyone and felt like it. The reaction is very interesting. I mean, if a guy flashed me his uhm....appendage, sure I'd laugh and be shocked or whatever but I'd chalk it up to youthful absurdity. Guys think you want to sleep with them if you do something like this, so of course they followed us for a good few miles before realizing that it wasn't happening again. Ever.

Anyway, THEN some crazy man was tailing me even though I myself was doing a good 120 km/ I switched lanes, flashed him the finger and thought nothing of it. He proceeds to almost cause two accidents to catch up to me so he can "tell me what I can do with that finger, you little bitch". I winked and smiled and drove away secretly hoping he didn't have a gun and some American pride.

Anyway, after the crazyness that was The Drive There, we arrived at our hotel and went for a swim and relaxed. We went for dinner at TGI's.....and I told them it was Ange's birthday and to do something highly embarassing for her. Well, after dinner, they ask if we want anything else. I'm thinking "this is great, real smooth making it a surprise"....and then the check came. Nothing. They did NOTHING! No tip for you, suckers.


Got to the mall around 11:30 am. Hungry, ate at Jack's, damn fine Asiago salads and crab dip there. mmm. Shopped until I couldn't handle walking anymore. I bought some great stuff though, including a dress for Leah's reception - thank god - and I can NEVER find dresses because of the Black Girl syndrome called small waist huge ass. But it fits perfectly and I love it, it's blue and brown and super summery and cute. So then we get home and take a long nap and decide it's time to fire ourselves up for a night on Chip Street. We got DOLLED up....we were hot. Definitely, hot. We went downtown and drank here and there, every bar in the states seems to have an enormous cover, so we wasted a good $10 just trying to pick a bar we liked. We settled on the Kiss party at Sub was hot. We danced up a storm and DJ Anthony called us out on the radio like 10 times, it was great! Then, the part of the night we are now refering to as The Dykes happened. So, some guy with cracked teeth is trying to dance with us and clearly we're not having any of that. Some girl sees that we're in distress and basically tells him to piss off for us. Thank you, we tell the girl, who now thinks we are her best friends for life. She invites us into the dank alley known as the Smoking Lounge, where you can barely fit one person, and we went for whatever reason to watch her chain smoke and enjoy her crazy stories. Her eyes were twitching all over the place, turns out she was on E....not cool. not cool, at all. Except, people on E love EVERYTHING. She was loving us and she bought us many many drinks. Then she tells us she is married, her husband is at home, and her girlfriend is with her. How nice, we think, she's hanging out w/her girl and having a good time. No, her GIRLfriend, as in they are full-on muff diving lesbianese freaks. I've never heard so much vulgar girl on girl talk before in my life. At one point Dyke #2 - Carmen? - grabbed Ange's chest, and we became scared for our lives. They also introduced us to some guy Martin who was cute, very nice, but turned out to be equally freaky. It became clear that they were screening candidates for what would be known later in THEIR evening as The Orgy. Angela went to the bathroom and I told them I had to go find her and informed Angela that we had to leave immediately. By this time it was about 2:30 am anyway...we went outside, witnessed a three-way fight involving two girls with bad weaves and some guy who clearly needs to stop cheating on his crazy girlfriend, ,met a man named Stacey who thought we were certified and verified twins, and got winked at by more men than we could count. It was home time.


We went to Chili's for lunch and WHO was there but John Steven's from American Idol. So weird. We went up to him like we were old friends, all "Hey john! it's sarah and angela!!" He took a picture with us and he was VERY VERY quiet, almost oddly so. It's like "Speak into my good ear son!" but super sweet young boy. what is he, 18? a baby.

now i'm home, and i'm bummed. angela says i'm self involved. maybe i am. i AM neurotic, and aren't neurotic people automatically self involved? ugh. i hate being neurotic. and self involved. am i self involved? no, no. i can't be. i mean, am I?

Thursday, June 23, 2005

sometimes, you just have to throw caution to the wind. i worry too much. more on that another time.

i think i got a computer virus on my work pc. so not good. more on that another time also.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Today I realized that spending my time worrying about someone who I can't change is a huge effort. It's an effort to not worry too, sometimes you have to force yourself, but at least it's worth it. Worrying about the Boy has taken up so much time in the last few years it's ridiculous. Goodbye to you, and now I can find my way out of the Forrest.

this weekend is my little shopping trip to Buffalo with Ange. I can't wait to get away even though it's only a short trip. I'm actually glad in the end, because that means less travel time and less stress. We're going to relax, shop and get drunk. Just the way I like my vacations to go.

I'm feeling worried about this sore eye thing I've got going on. I swear it's one thing after another with me. And obviously, it's ridiculous ailments like a sore eye. I can see fine, it's just the corner of my left eye hurts and I fear that I have eye cancer or something. Hypochondriac, yes. Sane, maybe. Sometimes.

getting used to working in this small office with like 8 people. sometimes i find myself so annoyed i can't think, but it always passes and then i love it again. it's like an asylum of eccentrics in there, including myself. crazy town. that will be Job's new name.

oh, well done to cory and c.j. who are both moving into houses, having babies and getting hitched. it's crazy, but it's real. makes me more excited to postpone it in australia with ryan. wow, i'm stoked for this trip.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

well today is father's day, and what a father's day it was. my mom and i went to costco yesterday and bought some muskoka chairs for dad, and he loved them. they are the most comfortable wooden chairs in the entire world. and then we remembered at the last minute that we bought him a mug a while back, and he loved it - i think even more than the chairs. he seemed to get a little redfaced, like he might almost be choked up. awww.

last night was last call at cory's bar, and i must say, i wished ryan had been there to trade memories with. i think i was the only person there - save for cory of course - who remembers the good old days of the bar at aquador. it was too bad, but ryan is all the way in dalian doing good things for himself. i've decided to go visit him when he gets to australia in a few months. i can't wait. such an exciting thing to look forward to.

i just bought a new digital camera online for $50! go me :)

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