Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Today I realized that spending my time worrying about someone who I can't change is a huge effort. It's an effort to not worry too, sometimes you have to force yourself, but at least it's worth it. Worrying about the Boy has taken up so much time in the last few years it's ridiculous. Goodbye to you, and now I can find my way out of the Forrest.

this weekend is my little shopping trip to Buffalo with Ange. I can't wait to get away even though it's only a short trip. I'm actually glad in the end, because that means less travel time and less stress. We're going to relax, shop and get drunk. Just the way I like my vacations to go.

I'm feeling worried about this sore eye thing I've got going on. I swear it's one thing after another with me. And obviously, it's ridiculous ailments like a sore eye. I can see fine, it's just the corner of my left eye hurts and I fear that I have eye cancer or something. Hypochondriac, yes. Sane, maybe. Sometimes.

getting used to working in this small office with like 8 people. sometimes i find myself so annoyed i can't think, but it always passes and then i love it again. it's like an asylum of eccentrics in there, including myself. crazy town. that will be Job's new name.

oh, well done to cory and c.j. who are both moving into houses, having babies and getting hitched. it's crazy, but it's real. makes me more excited to postpone it in australia with ryan. wow, i'm stoked for this trip.


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