Sunday, June 19, 2005

well today is father's day, and what a father's day it was. my mom and i went to costco yesterday and bought some muskoka chairs for dad, and he loved them. they are the most comfortable wooden chairs in the entire world. and then we remembered at the last minute that we bought him a mug a while back, and he loved it - i think even more than the chairs. he seemed to get a little redfaced, like he might almost be choked up. awww.

last night was last call at cory's bar, and i must say, i wished ryan had been there to trade memories with. i think i was the only person there - save for cory of course - who remembers the good old days of the bar at aquador. it was too bad, but ryan is all the way in dalian doing good things for himself. i've decided to go visit him when he gets to australia in a few months. i can't wait. such an exciting thing to look forward to.

i just bought a new digital camera online for $50! go me :)


Blogger JenniferQ said...

Your account of fathers day made me smile. My dad died a few years ago and I really miss him - Especially on father's day.


12:59 PM  

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