Thursday, June 30, 2005

wow has this week ever flown by. i keep forgetting to call Classic Farms and set up some lessons! I really want to learn how to show jump. It's my new goal.

tomorrow i volunteered to come into work and sit here all day by myself. we'll see how that goes. i'm going to bring in my laptop and watch dvd's all day. could be decent. and then, it's off to harold black park hopefully for some fireworks and beer drinkin' and Canada Day revelry.

Kim and CJ are firmly in their new home, it's absolutely gorgeous incase I hadn't mentioned it. kudos to you guys, i'm glad you did it. and Cory, i can't wait until you move into yours.

well i am PMSing, which is never fun. I have decided that i'm going to follow my doctor's advice in treating the horror that is PMS by eating tons of chicken and vegetables, because apparently a diet high in protein and veggies and low in refined sugar helps that sort of thing. it's also healthy, so you can't lose really. i can't go another month in Bitchy Bloated Tired Achy Hell. I could hurt someone.

it's so smoggy and hot outside that you can't see the mountain from the that is disgusting. just yesterday it was clear as day. a non-smoggy day.

i miss emily. where are you?! i feel like i haven't seen her in ages. it's been 20 days. but still, i really miss my high school homegirls emily and julie, and i hope to see you guys again very very soon. i can't live without a dose of my old school girls now and then!

it's only 2:44 pm. jesum crowe. how am i going to get through the rest of this day awake?


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