Sunday, July 31, 2005

God? Is that you?
Oh...David Beckham. I see. I was close!

Well this weekend turned out to be great. I had no real plans going into it, but I tried to make my own fun if I could. So Saturday, I got the bright idea to take my dog and try to bike around the canal. I started at the end of Ontario road and took the path all the way across to the 406/Woodlawn side, and back to Ontario. The only thing is, I hadn't completely realized how long this would actually take, and it ended up taking nearly 3 hours. I felt like I was abusing my dog, but we stopped 6 or 7 times to take a dip in the water, and I had brought two bottles of water and lots of dog treats. So I guess I was somewhat prepared. It was a really lovely bikeride. So then, I went home and passed out. By the time my mom woke me up, it was dinnertime.

Today I went back to the canal - am I obsessed? - in the morning. Em and I decided to go to the beach, so we took some magazines, a blanket, some sunscreen and tanning lotion and our bathing suits and hauled ass to Long Beach. It was a beautiful day, really sunny and nice and warm. We laid on the beach for about 2 hours and then swam for a few was an awesome day. We did tons of water tricks and swam in the waves.

Tomorrow is the holiday Monday! I keep forgetting. I can't believe it's already August 1. Have fun at work Marty :) I am going to bed blissfully happy today, because I'm back! yay!

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Mean, but funny. Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 29, 2005

Choices choices...decisions to be made...I can't think about important things right now. I just want a drink and a Muskoka chair.

This Joss Stone song speaks to me. Literally. I've bolded my favourite parts.

Fell in love with a boy
I fell in love once and almost completely
He's in love with the world
And sometimes these feelings can be so misleading
He turns and says, "Are you alright?"
Oh, I must be fine cause my heart's still beating
Come and kiss me by the riverside,
Sarah says it's cool, she don't consider it cheating

Red hair with a curl
Mellow roll for the flavor and the eyes were peepin'
Can't keep away from the boy
The two sides of my brain need to have a meeting
Can't think of anything to do
My left brain knows all of love is fleeting
He's just lookin for somethin new
I said it once before but it bears repeating

Can't think of anything to do
My left brain knows all of love is fleeting
He's just lookin for somethin new
I said it once before but it bears repeating

Fell in love with a boy
I fell in love once and almost completely
He's in love with the world and sometimes these feelings can be so misleading
He turns and says, "Are you alright?"
Oh, I must be fine cause my heart's still beating
Come and kiss me by the riverside
Sarah says it's cool, she don't consider it cheating, oh

Don't go telling no more
Don't go telling no more
Don't go telling no more lies oh Sarah
Don't go telling no more
Don't go telling no more
Don't go telling no more lies oh Sarah

Can't think of anything to do
My left brain knows all of love is fleeting
He's just looking for something new
I said it once before but it bears repeating

Gonna tell you what's on my mind
I'm gonna tell you what's on my mind
Cause it bears repeating

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Federline's really are a classy bunch, no? Kevin even put on his good wifebeater for the above photo shoot. Loves it!

Gotta love Paris Hilton. That bitch never disappoints. As I said on dlisted's blog comments, didn't her mother ever teach her how to board a raft without hanging her goodies all over the damn place? She is still as dumb and mysterious as ever...

I haven't posted much lately. And by not much I mean I missed what? one day? two at most? I guess I have just been consumed by things I don't particularly want to post.

So in place of my own thoughts, here is Paris Hilton's cooch to tide you over.

Monday, July 25, 2005

What a gorgeous photo. The best part is, this is the photo Jodi and I stopped to take on Friday on our post-dinner pre-movie drive. I hadn't been down to the Falls area at all this summer, at least not that way. It was really soothing to know that such beautiful scenery exists here. All in all it was a relaxing evening and I hope to do it again soon.

I feel out of whack. Very out of whack. Sometimes I feel so put together and then...BAM. Some incident reminds me that I'm not, not at all. I know, this is such a Bridget Jones entry, but that seems to be the theme as of late. My shortcomings. Blah. Afternoon.

Saturday, July 23, 2005


According to today's horoscope:

You can make a buck on the side if you organize a garage sale or do a little wheeling and dealing today. Some interesting offers will unfold, but find out the facts first hand. Consider a geographical move.

Well today has been a gorgeous day. I slept in, to be woken by the phone ringing. Ange and I had a chat and discussed this and that...I love those conversations where you talk about something important, but not bad important. We had one of those. Fun.

I took Jenny to the canal, we walked along the water for about an hour and a half. It was hot but not too bad, we just ran around and walked up the hills and down to the water. It was fun.

Oh I also finally called Classic Farms, only Mandy wasn't there and I think her daughter answered and had no clue what was going on as far as lessons are concerned, so I'll have to call back later. Now, I must go to the pharmacy before it closes and get my butt to Ange's. Good weekend all.

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Well Miss Jodi and I had an excellent evening. We went to the Sugarloaf Harbour for dinner, sat on the patio and killed ourselves laughing. We drove through Chippawa afterward, down to Niagara Parkway to check out the amazing scenery, take some pictures, and giggle some more.
It was tons of fun. Then, we went to see Wedding Crashers. So, so funny. Took another scary/scenic drive home and here I am.

Things I must definitely do this weekend:

Get Jodi's photos from tonight
Take Jenny to the canal for a run
Call Classic Farms!
Sing some songs
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Friday, July 22, 2005

a gray day

Marty, kick some ass this weekend. you deserve it.

I am so desperately in need of a fun weekend.

I feel like crap today. I guess my moods are still up and down due to The Forrest. Some days are easier than others. Another close friend and constant companion of mine - Cory - just got engaged. I'm happy for him, but I never see him anymore. It sucks. I guess that's what happens when people go adult on you.

I am bitching, I know. But this is my blog and I'll cry if I want to.

I guess I'm back in a funky mood atleast for a few moments... :(

Thursday, July 21, 2005

sooo i'm an idiot. yes, it's true. emily, you know what i'm talking about. i need to go bang my head against the wall.

Shakespeare in the vineyard was cool. Emily and I drove through the crazy winding scenery of Effingham down to Henry of Pelham and met up with her dad and stepmom and The Other Emily. It was crazy hot, but a few glasses of wine cooled us off a bit. Henry of Pelham wine is excellent, though I only tried the white. Red wine reminds me of those nights spent in the dank quarters of Dylan's apartment listening to Bell & Sebastien and White Stripes albums. I'm not sure where that came from, it just reminded me, so I posted the above photo in honour of the old times.

Went out with Jordan the other night. What a disaster. The funny thing is, there's this boy i really like but just can't bring myself to do anything about. i guess it's fear, but as a result i have gone on a few bad dates with someone i clearly do not like. never again!

i am going to go to bed feeling confused tonight, and somehow i don't think morning will shake that feeling.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

So tired....sleep is calling me...

I was thinking today, about how I hate to displease anyone. I just hate it. It's more for selfish reasons, I just can't stand the idea that someone might not think "oh that sarah, she's so nice" or whatever, which is so ridiculous because you can't achieve that all the time. just can't. but anyway, my goal is always to worry less about it, and i think i'm doing quite well. but it's hard. my impulse is to micro manage. i don't know what's worse, the fact that i'm so neurotic or the fact that i'm neurotic about being neurotic. Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 18, 2005

Well, like a genius I OD'd on sleep this weekend. Out of a possible 60 hours, I managed to sleep approximately 28 of them. So then, Sunday night I couldn't sleep at all. I tossed and turned all night and then woke up in a haze at 7 am for the work day. It was not fun I tell ya, not fun. Hopefully tomorrow is less ridiculous.

Last night before bed I watched TLC's 101 Things Removed from the Human Body. Everyone involved in the accidents survived, so they showed actual photos from the accidents. It was unfathomably disgusting, I can't believe I even watched enough to see two photos. One man impaled himself on a huge metal screw bar through the HEAD. It went through his sinus cavity and out his eye socket and managed not to pop his eyeball out with it. Sick. Another man impaled his face on a pitchfork, it went through his cheek and eyes but the prongs didn't actually go through his head or eye, just the facial skin, so he survived. Sick. They also had an interesting little sidebar called 50 Things removed from the Rectal Cavity, which involved a baseball, tennis ball, jelly jar, the head of a child's doll and a bicycle pump. Seriously, a pump! First of all, how? Second of all, why? There just aren't answers.

Anyway, on that note I am going to Ange's to pick up some stuff. Later!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

BAHAHAHA. wow. too funny.
Click it to view the DListed blog, one of my favourites.
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So last night, after getting home from Ange's at about 12:30 and letting the dog out for a pee, I decided to watch my favourite show Dateline. This particular episode was called "On a Wing & a Prayer". Catchy. It was about a rare occurence in aviation - a plane losing both engines midair over the North Atlantic ocean. Apparently, this is extremely rare since most planes are designed to function if one engine loses power, and no one planned for what should happen if they both do. In fact, this has only happened once before, back in 1983 when an aircraft lost power completely midair, but it was over land and not water. Thus making the Dateline flight - Air Transat Flight 236 - the only flight ever to lose both engines over an ocean. I think I had heard about this flight before, here and there, perhaps on the news. But, little did I know that this flight was of particular interest to me, because it took off from Pearson Int'l Airport in Toronto! Yes, the airport I would use if I were to fly. I've flown from this airport many times. I've flown Air Transat. I had nightmares about plane crashes after watching this. Can you possibly imagine how scary it would be to be over an ocean and basically have no choice but to drop out of the sky? And even worse, that other flight I was talking about that lost power over land? Yes that was also a Canadian flight. An Air Canada plane that lost power over Gimli, Manitoba and ended up making an emergency landing in Gimli. It's now called the Gimli Glider. Great that it managed to land, but still, not good. Anyway, back to flight 236. The flight was about 5 hours in, and only another 90 minutes to Lisbon, Portugal when the in-flight movie suddenly went black. The lights started to flicker in the cabin, and one exceptionally observant Canadian-Portugese woman noticed while looking out the window that the sun should be directly in front of them. But, it was not for some reason, it was to the side of the plane. The stewardess emerges and having no choice but to recite emergency jargon in English, French, and Portugese she becomes pretty stressed out and starts to cry. The passengers are basically thinking they are as good as dead. Suddenly, the passengers notice the eery lack of engine roar outside, and only a whistling of wind cutting through the wings can be heard inside. The captain - French Canadian Robert Piché - had made a decision much earlier when he realized there was a problem to redirect the flight to a tiny island called Lajes Field in the Azores. The island is the island you want to have to land on if there's a problem. The runway, used as a U.S. airbase, is 2 miles long. But it was dark, and the aircraft couldn't report to the traffic controllers properly because of it's apparent lack of any and all power. I still can't believe this plane was coasting. Anyway, once the plane got too low to blip on the radar of the traffic controllers, they believed it had gone in the water and deployed boats to rescue anyone alive, which probably wasn't necessary since you'd never survive that kind of disaster anyway. But they were wrong. The plane hadn't gone into the dark, cold waters of the North Atlantic. It had landed, on the airbase runway, directly over the center line. A perfect landing, despite the plane not being able to slow itself before landing. Robert Piché had saved over 300 lives and shown off what was clearly some excellent pilot training. The second Canadian flight to make history as one of the rarest occurences in aviation has managed to further the rarity by landing, safely, on a tiny island in the dark. Perfectly. I know I'm a nerd but this blows my mind! When all was said and done, it turned out that 4 days earlier when this plane's engines were being changed, mismatched parts were used and the chaffing between the incompatible parts caused the fuel line to rupture. The plane ran out of gas. I thought I had problems when I ran out of gas on the QEW! Anyway, click the photo above to see photos from flight 236 after landing, and many many more air disasters. There's a cool video of an Air India flight attempting to "ditch" - land on water - in the ocean. So scary. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Many's the time I ran with you down
The rainy roads of our old town
Many the lives we lived in each day
And buried altogether
Don't laugh at me
Don't look away

You'll follow me back
With the sun in your eyes
And on your own
And legs of stone
You'll knock on my door
And up we'll go
In white light
I don't think so
But what do I know?
What do I know?
I know

I know you think I'm holding you down
And I've fallen by the wayside now
And I don't understand the same things as you
But I do

Don't laugh at me
Don't look away

You'll follow me back
With the sun in your eyes
And on your own
And legs of stone
You'll knock on my door
And up we'll go
In white light
I don't think so
But what do I know?
What do I know?
I know

And up we'll go
In white light
I don't think so
But what do I know?
What do I know?
I know

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Watching the Notebook on a lazy Saturday morning. That's Hot!


Last night was quite excellent. After work, Emme and I went to Dave's parents and had the hugest dinner ever. I think it's still sitting in my stomach wreaking havoc. Tons of salad and pizza and this cake that tasted like caked up crack. SooOoooo good. Rolo ice cream...more crack disguised as food...ssoOOooo good but all things I try to avoid. So then, Emme and I return to the Duncan abode to find Tim and Josh playing guitar and jamming while Taryn and some cell phone loving dude pooch out upstairs. Apparently their little barbecue shindig was smokin' if you know what I mean. Silly kids and their smokeables. I have to give a shout out to Tim though, who told the funniest story ever to Emme and I on Thursday night and confided something only 4 people now's always great to know something totally secret that only the Duncans, myself...and *shudder* BJ know.

Funny quotes of the night:

Josh: "You're a retard....actually, that's unfair to retards"
Also Josh: "remember those movies from the 1930's? The guy would be like 'I'm taking off my change into those shorts and go to the casual restaurant you suggested earlier.'"

So anyway then Emme and I went to get Jules and we all went to M.T.'s for some old fashioned Welland funtimes. Saw so many people from high school, as you always do at M.T.'s, and Emme gave me another funny quote of the night:

"Sarah...when you say someone's name really loud and stare at them mouth agape, that's NOT being covert."

We talked about boys much of the night, Emme and I are always trying to get Jules to tell us her secrets. But it appears she and Ben are done I have a new plan, because I know a boy who is perfect for Jules.

The night was excellent, so much fun, and I can't wait for the next.

Emily, have fun sailing today with Andrea and be safe! Have fun at Ryan's partay as well ;) I know we're cool.

Friday, July 15, 2005


So, I know I've thought of this brother and I had it as a running joke for a while, but I forgot all about it when today, on the way to work I hear "Tiny Dancer" by Elton John on the radio. As the chorus approaches, my mind subconsciously flips into memory mode and I sing "Hold me closer Tony Danzaaaaa".....

In honour of song lyrics sometimes not sounding like they should, please comment on your own mistaken song lyrics. Share with me the joy that is hilarious lyrical mistakes.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

The storm is here. It's thundering and lightning and it feels weird to get rained on when it hasn't rained in many days.

So, tonight Emme and I decided to get together for a marathon catch-up girlchat. Should be fun times...and Dave's mother is obsessed with me dating her son, it's the Phil&SarahGate Scandal v 2.0. I met him a few times, but we didn't exactly chat, mostly because he didn't speak. I hate that!

Anyway, I just made a stopover at Ange's to see if something came in the mail for me in the form of stuff from e-bay I'm pretending I didn't buy on e-bay so as to hide my rampant obsession. i better get home. i need to eat dinner and bust out the pilates. later all.

I can't sleep. I hate that, but sometimes I also like it.


I figured after catching up with Ryan - AND SINCE IT'S HIS BIRTHDAY! - the other day, I'd give a little shout out to a good friend who I miss so, so much. I am coming to see you soon!

Things I miss about Ryan:

going to the BUFS films on Sunday nights
playing guitar and singing songs
going to concerts and being treated to a fireworks show after every single one that summer...
talking about his girl drama

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Favourite Song of the Moment: Weezer - Beverly Hills
the following random post can not be held against me since i haven't slept much lately because when i get into bed i start thinking about this and that and then realize why sleep when you could think about this and that?

got home late from work...Emme e-mailed me and we haven't had a chance to talk much, but i hate drama with my friends. i just want everyone to get along and be happy. So, to lighten the mood and honour the good times, my latest favourite Emme quote is as follows:

" because you have something someone else doesn't have means you should feel guilty? So, if someone just like, doesn't have're just supposed to NOT walk around in front of them?!" hahaha...ahhh.....emme...your words of wisdom are so appropriate and not controversial or offensive at all.

speaking of offensive, i'm watching family guy right now with Ange and Rennie...the episode where Peter starts respecting women after he goes to some odd woman love camp. best moments: "honk honk"....and peter breast-feeding Stuey. sooooOOoo funny.

and speaking of Ange and Rennie, ever since Ange got digital cable we are insanely trying to find crazy things to watch when we're in the Ghetto watching tv...(kidding Ange ;P) we watched Assault on Precinct 13 the other night. Laurence Fishburne can Assault my Precinct anytime! bahaha...ahem. i cracked myself up.

so The Forrest is coming home soon. actually i am not looking forward to it. when he's not around, i notice all the much worthier boys that walk the earth. you know what's funny? the only girl friend i have that's happy with her relationship lives about a 3 hour plane ride away from him. but in all seriousness, i respect the subtle nature of that which we call Boys. boys are very straightforward, unpretentious, and usually funnier than most girls...but they're an enigma to me. i will never fully understand what makes one tick. they're like aliens that need to be probed. heh, i said probed.

i like making my dad laugh. when i make my dad laugh, i feel funny. and sometimes, my dad makes me laugh as well. today, for example, i came home wearing my new work shirt, and my dad says "can you steal me a couple of those?" and i say " you want white or black?" and he responds "Sure!"......

something i would wish for if i was granted a wish:

to be able to know what other people think whenever i want. it would inevitably end badly, but would be so much fun while it lasted. that's why secrets are so good...when you think of something that you keep secret, you can only smile. but if people only knew; what if? anarchy!

on that note, i have to step away from Ange's air conditioner before the right side of my body freezes and breaks off from the left half.


I'm a sneaky gal, I am.

Ok, so here's another "I'm endearingly retarded" story. This morning, I grab my usual PC brand protein shake for breakfast, they're pretty good...nice and mom makes me drink them so that I actually eat breakfast. teehee.

so anyway, i shake it and open it, only to completely forget about it because i was so enthralled by the radio. So, a few minutes later I recall that I brought it and rather than look at the can and take my eyes away from the road, I - like a good driver - just grabbed the can and shook it. Only, it was already open, and it splattered everywhere. On my purse, my car seats, the door, the steering wheel, and more importantly all over my white shirt. Thank god I had another shirt to save the day.

Also, I saw a dump truck on fire today on the highway. I mean literally, flaming and burning and ON FIRE not just smoking. It was b-a-n-a-n-a-s I tell you.

I have a question for those of you who read my blog: how important are birthdays to you? Do you always buy your friends/family presents? Do you expect presents? Do you basically expect a big deal every single year? What is the birthday standard? The way I see it, birthdays come every year, and sometimes a big f*ing hoopla just isn't necessary, sometimes it is. I say go with the flow damnit! Some people do not say that though, not at all. Some people heartily disagree. Do you?

Monday, July 11, 2005

This weekend, in photos....

Thanks to Marty for capturing the beautiful pictures. Just click the photo above to see the rest.

My favourite moments of the weekend:

Ass Tracker
Stupid Human Tricks
Keith's slurring
2 am boat rides
Drunk Martin
The Outhouse
the drink.

Sunday, July 10, 2005


Well, I guess I'm starting backwards, beginning with today...

Leah and Jeff's reception was really nice, Hernder Winery is amazing - at 8th St. Louth for you Niagara people who might need a winery for whatever reason? - and the day couldn't have been more perfect for it. Leah seems really happy, and it was really nice to see the Farnan's after so long. Well, except Carol who I see everytime she comes over for poker night and ignores my teachings.

Anyway, Saturday...good times were had boating, drinking, more boating and more drinking at brendan's. i enjoy a good summertime BBQ/drinkfest in the outdoors. a fire going. awesome. saw some stupid human tricks, tested the limits of drunkenness, boated over to Turner's and felt some yankee love. saw some stars and got some wind in my hair.

A near perfect summer night. thanks to all who made it the time and a half it was....and pictures should follow, though i'm not sure how since i didn't take any....

Friday, July 08, 2005

Look, I didn't want to like this movie, OK?! I mean, it had a lot stacked against it. Tom Cruise, Dakota Fanning. All the makings of me puking in my mouth. But it was awesome. Yes, people, my not so humble film nerd opinion is: Great Movie. Posted by Picasa

Shaan, I have neglected to read your LJ as of late...I found this picture and may I just say: bahahahahahah. You are Fleettastic. Click Shaan's mullet to see his livejournal. Loves it. Posted by Picasa

I love the lyrics to this's a snippet:

Memories seem like so long ago
Time always kills the pain

Remember Harbor Boulevard
The dreaming days where the mess was made
Look how all the kids have grown
We have changed but we're still the same
After all that we've been through
I know we're cool

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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Well, this weekend is Emily's birthday so Happy Birthday Em! I loves you :) and don't worry, we'll get out for belated birthday revelry once your root canal issues go away!

And congratulations to Leah and Jeff Bolan - - on their marriage back in May and their reception this weekend. I love Hernder Estates, can't wait!

Oh, and congratulations are in order to Fat Pete - who is quite un-fat actually - who is a daddy for the 2nd time. I work with him, but have only actually met him in person once. Funny, funny, man. Go Pete!

And congratulations to ME's four weeks to my 22nd birthday. Who thought I'd make it this far without at least severely injuring myself??

Everyone is celebrating. It's summer. It's that time of year. I love it.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Today was a gorgeous, summerlicious day. I have been doing excellently on my new "kill PMS" regime. Lots of exercise, lots of healthy food. I feel better and it's been, what? 4 days? 3? Something like that. I've been working out a lot, taking my dog for tons of long walks by the canal. It's been really great. Anyway, I don't feel like a pregnant cow and as much as I wanted to stab at least 2 people in the eyeball today, I fought it.

I remember in the 1st grade, the teacher told my parents I talked too much. I do talk too much. But so what? In the book of the Tao, it says you have to know your strengths and weaknesses. I suppose I consider excessive chattyness some of both. I have made it through life quite well this way, but there are times where it just doesn'

I wonder, is this the way it's going to be? Deaden every fundamental impulse inside of me until I am nothing but a chimp? Perhaps I'm being a tad dramatic.

This weekend is going to be nuts. I can't even decide how I'm going to do it all. Emily's birthday is this weekend - Happy Birthday and Happy Root Canal! - and since she just got the aforementioned root canal, she can't do much. Which could be good, because this dude I sorta kinda work with is having a huge bash at his house and everyone seems to be really stoked for it. I do want to go, but I have some wedding reception to go to. I am happy to be invited, I haven't seen the bride in many years, my mother is good friends with her mother and I think they want us all to get together for nostalgia's sake. I had to buy a dress. I have to be impossibly fresh looking of course. But, Saturday night at Brendan's...could be very very funtastic...ARGH! so many decisions, so little time. I'm angsty today. F*cking period. Hah, there's the anger I know and love. Goodnight all.

Monday, July 04, 2005

well work is not very busy today at all. so, here i am blogging when i should be working. but i have to write things when they come to me or else it's difficult to get anything remotely interesting out.

I want to mainline to kill the forrest.

*sigh*. and it's only 11 am on a Monday morning.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

yay I figured out how to add photos to my blog without using picasa! Let's all keep in mind I'm not the most computer literate gal, but at least I persevere! Below are the photos from my gathering...thanks to everyone who made it a great night!

ooooh and sweltering heat don't make for a good sarah.

there's cory, eating and being caught off guard and wearing the most hideous shirt ever. i've tried to steal it and burn it but he saves it for when he wants to appear obnoxious :)

This one's of Forrest and Angela. Ugh why does he have to be so cute.

I know I know, I'm a posting machine today! I <3 Nicole Richie even though Ange says she's a fugly anorexic. as DJ says..."Hello? Is it a hamburger you're looking for? I wonder where you are...I wonder what you'll do...without some food I have to say...where are you?"


I can't believe I forgot to tell my "I'm endearingly retarded" stories of the weekend. So, Friday I decide to leave work at 3:30 because Dave was there for the long haul and I had no work to do. So, I left. The traffic around Grimsby became sickeningly and frighteningly deadlocked. Anyway, midway through Summer of '69 old Tully (short for Tulip my green focus) starts to shake and rattle. I barely had time to pull over before she stopped sideways on the shoulder of the QEW/Seventh St. exit. Fuck. I walked up the QEW in front of gridlock traffic in what can basically be described as my PJ's (no one was at work but me people!), and flagged down a nice family who basically had a moral obligation - poor things you could tell they didn't want to help me - to drive me to a gas station. I called Speedy Cab, filled up an empty washer fluid can of gas and drove back to my car. Speedy didn't speak english very well, so it took about 18 reminders that Yes my car is on the QEW and Yes you're taking me to it. Once there, we realized that getting the gas in the tank was going to be...not easy. A nice man also broken down gave us a water bottle and we fashioned it into a handy funnel, pouring the gas into Tully. I prayed to the Gods above for her to start and she did *whew*. I drove to the nearest gas station - thank GOD Seventh St. was right there - and Speedy only wanted $12 for their troubles! Funny how I left feeling like I'd won. I remind you, I'm endearingly retarded that way. So, after leaving work at 3:30 pm, I arrived at my destination - Angela's - at 6 pm. Thanks for letting me leave early Dave.

well, my graduation was June 10th, but I just recently got some of the photos from the little shindig held at my house afterward, so I'll be posting those very soon - as soon as I figure out why picasa isn't working properly with those photos. weird.

happy canada day to all the canadians, and happy 4th of July to the Americans. Let's all, just, get, along.

so many things swirling in my head this weekend. basically the topic is under the category of why do people waste their time on things they know aren't ever going to give them what they want? i did say waste their time on *things* and not people, but i suppose this could work for either. any thoughts? why do we do things we know are not the best for us? why don't we do the other things, that we know will be good? is there some kind of predetermined human quality that makes us self destructive? any thoughts? i'm too tired to elaborate. i'm going to cory's to check out some fireworks - possibly by the falls tonight?

i hope everyone had a great weekend, and happiness and health to anyone who is reading.

happy happy joy joy Posted by Picasa

my baby, when she was a baby. she's almost 3 now! Posted by Picasa