Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Favourite Song of the Moment: Weezer - Beverly Hills
the following random post can not be held against me since i haven't slept much lately because when i get into bed i start thinking about this and that and then realize why sleep when you could think about this and that?

got home late from work...Emme e-mailed me and we haven't had a chance to talk much, but i hate drama with my friends. i just want everyone to get along and be happy. So, to lighten the mood and honour the good times, my latest favourite Emme quote is as follows:

" because you have something someone else doesn't have means you should feel guilty? So, if someone just like, doesn't have're just supposed to NOT walk around in front of them?!" hahaha...ahhh.....emme...your words of wisdom are so appropriate and not controversial or offensive at all.

speaking of offensive, i'm watching family guy right now with Ange and Rennie...the episode where Peter starts respecting women after he goes to some odd woman love camp. best moments: "honk honk"....and peter breast-feeding Stuey. sooooOOoo funny.

and speaking of Ange and Rennie, ever since Ange got digital cable we are insanely trying to find crazy things to watch when we're in the Ghetto watching tv...(kidding Ange ;P) we watched Assault on Precinct 13 the other night. Laurence Fishburne can Assault my Precinct anytime! bahaha...ahem. i cracked myself up.

so The Forrest is coming home soon. actually i am not looking forward to it. when he's not around, i notice all the much worthier boys that walk the earth. you know what's funny? the only girl friend i have that's happy with her relationship lives about a 3 hour plane ride away from him. but in all seriousness, i respect the subtle nature of that which we call Boys. boys are very straightforward, unpretentious, and usually funnier than most girls...but they're an enigma to me. i will never fully understand what makes one tick. they're like aliens that need to be probed. heh, i said probed.

i like making my dad laugh. when i make my dad laugh, i feel funny. and sometimes, my dad makes me laugh as well. today, for example, i came home wearing my new work shirt, and my dad says "can you steal me a couple of those?" and i say " you want white or black?" and he responds "Sure!"......

something i would wish for if i was granted a wish:

to be able to know what other people think whenever i want. it would inevitably end badly, but would be so much fun while it lasted. that's why secrets are so good...when you think of something that you keep secret, you can only smile. but if people only knew; what if? anarchy!

on that note, i have to step away from Ange's air conditioner before the right side of my body freezes and breaks off from the left half.


Blogger martin said...

"i have to step away from Ange's air conditioner" damn you! I wish.

so on the not understanding guys issue, as a guy, I really don't understand girls. I never will, and I accept that. Perhaps some of the fun is not understanding.

End late night tired thoughts.

8:10 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

interesting...i think you're right...though i hate to admit it! :P

9:05 PM  

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