Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Today was a gorgeous, summerlicious day. I have been doing excellently on my new "kill PMS" regime. Lots of exercise, lots of healthy food. I feel better and it's been, what? 4 days? 3? Something like that. I've been working out a lot, taking my dog for tons of long walks by the canal. It's been really great. Anyway, I don't feel like a pregnant cow and as much as I wanted to stab at least 2 people in the eyeball today, I fought it.

I remember in the 1st grade, the teacher told my parents I talked too much. I do talk too much. But so what? In the book of the Tao, it says you have to know your strengths and weaknesses. I suppose I consider excessive chattyness some of both. I have made it through life quite well this way, but there are times where it just doesn'

I wonder, is this the way it's going to be? Deaden every fundamental impulse inside of me until I am nothing but a chimp? Perhaps I'm being a tad dramatic.

This weekend is going to be nuts. I can't even decide how I'm going to do it all. Emily's birthday is this weekend - Happy Birthday and Happy Root Canal! - and since she just got the aforementioned root canal, she can't do much. Which could be good, because this dude I sorta kinda work with is having a huge bash at his house and everyone seems to be really stoked for it. I do want to go, but I have some wedding reception to go to. I am happy to be invited, I haven't seen the bride in many years, my mother is good friends with her mother and I think they want us all to get together for nostalgia's sake. I had to buy a dress. I have to be impossibly fresh looking of course. But, Saturday night at Brendan's...could be very very funtastic...ARGH! so many decisions, so little time. I'm angsty today. F*cking period. Hah, there's the anger I know and love. Goodnight all.


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