Sunday, July 03, 2005


I can't believe I forgot to tell my "I'm endearingly retarded" stories of the weekend. So, Friday I decide to leave work at 3:30 because Dave was there for the long haul and I had no work to do. So, I left. The traffic around Grimsby became sickeningly and frighteningly deadlocked. Anyway, midway through Summer of '69 old Tully (short for Tulip my green focus) starts to shake and rattle. I barely had time to pull over before she stopped sideways on the shoulder of the QEW/Seventh St. exit. Fuck. I walked up the QEW in front of gridlock traffic in what can basically be described as my PJ's (no one was at work but me people!), and flagged down a nice family who basically had a moral obligation - poor things you could tell they didn't want to help me - to drive me to a gas station. I called Speedy Cab, filled up an empty washer fluid can of gas and drove back to my car. Speedy didn't speak english very well, so it took about 18 reminders that Yes my car is on the QEW and Yes you're taking me to it. Once there, we realized that getting the gas in the tank was going to be...not easy. A nice man also broken down gave us a water bottle and we fashioned it into a handy funnel, pouring the gas into Tully. I prayed to the Gods above for her to start and she did *whew*. I drove to the nearest gas station - thank GOD Seventh St. was right there - and Speedy only wanted $12 for their troubles! Funny how I left feeling like I'd won. I remind you, I'm endearingly retarded that way. So, after leaving work at 3:30 pm, I arrived at my destination - Angela's - at 6 pm. Thanks for letting me leave early Dave.


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