Saturday, July 16, 2005

Watching the Notebook on a lazy Saturday morning. That's Hot!


Last night was quite excellent. After work, Emme and I went to Dave's parents and had the hugest dinner ever. I think it's still sitting in my stomach wreaking havoc. Tons of salad and pizza and this cake that tasted like caked up crack. SooOoooo good. Rolo ice cream...more crack disguised as food...ssoOOooo good but all things I try to avoid. So then, Emme and I return to the Duncan abode to find Tim and Josh playing guitar and jamming while Taryn and some cell phone loving dude pooch out upstairs. Apparently their little barbecue shindig was smokin' if you know what I mean. Silly kids and their smokeables. I have to give a shout out to Tim though, who told the funniest story ever to Emme and I on Thursday night and confided something only 4 people now's always great to know something totally secret that only the Duncans, myself...and *shudder* BJ know.

Funny quotes of the night:

Josh: "You're a retard....actually, that's unfair to retards"
Also Josh: "remember those movies from the 1930's? The guy would be like 'I'm taking off my change into those shorts and go to the casual restaurant you suggested earlier.'"

So anyway then Emme and I went to get Jules and we all went to M.T.'s for some old fashioned Welland funtimes. Saw so many people from high school, as you always do at M.T.'s, and Emme gave me another funny quote of the night:

"Sarah...when you say someone's name really loud and stare at them mouth agape, that's NOT being covert."

We talked about boys much of the night, Emme and I are always trying to get Jules to tell us her secrets. But it appears she and Ben are done I have a new plan, because I know a boy who is perfect for Jules.

The night was excellent, so much fun, and I can't wait for the next.

Emily, have fun sailing today with Andrea and be safe! Have fun at Ryan's partay as well ;) I know we're cool.


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