Sunday, July 03, 2005

well, my graduation was June 10th, but I just recently got some of the photos from the little shindig held at my house afterward, so I'll be posting those very soon - as soon as I figure out why picasa isn't working properly with those photos. weird.

happy canada day to all the canadians, and happy 4th of July to the Americans. Let's all, just, get, along.

so many things swirling in my head this weekend. basically the topic is under the category of why do people waste their time on things they know aren't ever going to give them what they want? i did say waste their time on *things* and not people, but i suppose this could work for either. any thoughts? why do we do things we know are not the best for us? why don't we do the other things, that we know will be good? is there some kind of predetermined human quality that makes us self destructive? any thoughts? i'm too tired to elaborate. i'm going to cory's to check out some fireworks - possibly by the falls tonight?

i hope everyone had a great weekend, and happiness and health to anyone who is reading.


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