Thursday, July 07, 2005

Well, this weekend is Emily's birthday so Happy Birthday Em! I loves you :) and don't worry, we'll get out for belated birthday revelry once your root canal issues go away!

And congratulations to Leah and Jeff Bolan - - on their marriage back in May and their reception this weekend. I love Hernder Estates, can't wait!

Oh, and congratulations are in order to Fat Pete - who is quite un-fat actually - who is a daddy for the 2nd time. I work with him, but have only actually met him in person once. Funny, funny, man. Go Pete!

And congratulations to ME's four weeks to my 22nd birthday. Who thought I'd make it this far without at least severely injuring myself??

Everyone is celebrating. It's summer. It's that time of year. I love it.


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