Wednesday, August 31, 2005

So, I feel for the people suffering right now in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I really do. Especially the poverty stricken Americans who had no choice but to stay and wait for the inevitable destruction. The horror of having your life mercilessly destroyed by something as uncontrollable as a weather pattern is something beyond my comprehension - probably because I wouldn't know who the hell to cut for taking my house! But seriously, I can't imagine how they're feeling. However I take issue with several things and well, this is my blog and I'll vent about random shit if I want to.

So, first, I am deeply disturbed by the inference that Hurricane Katrina is "America's tsunami". Who in their right mind started this blasphemous mockery of a comparison? The South Asian tsunami hardly compares to the isolated devastation in the richest country in the world. Hell, it hardly deserves even the argument to oppose it, as I am only acknowledging that someone has foolishly compared the two. But alas, here I am, officially announcing my distaste for the phenomenon known as "the Nazi phenomenon". When someone is being persecuted, they often compare it to oppression in Nazi Germany. It just. Shouldn't. Happen. PLEASE for the love of god, think before you speak.

And on this note, it is even more ridiculous - if its possible - for Americans to use this comparison since they are only doing it for dramatic effect to entice the world to feel sorry for them in their time of need. Perhaps they need to embellish a little, considering no one wants to help them out as a nation. Sure, I want to help poor New Orleans Bob who lost his wife/home/dog/children/money, but I don't want to admit that I'd ever extend compassion or gratitude to a country who rarely - and yet always pompously - does the same for anyone else. I don't think I need to explain it further. We all know why America is perceived this way, especially as Canadians.

Anyway I am a bit angry and frustrated today, though I don't particularly care to explain it because it's boring and so not hot to complain about it when I'll be over it by morning. But this may explain the tone of my post. So, to try and end on a somewhat good note, I'll finish with my favourite quote of the day, courtesy of Martin: "Your hair is...significantly reduced in size today." bahaha. Posted by Picasa

I want to walk down this strip of land and pretend I'm in a music video. Posted by Picasa


Several questions plague me about these two. First: Why even marry her Ice? I mean, she kind of looks like she'd give it up without a ring on her finger, doesn't she? Why take those pesky extra steps to make it honest when, frankly, we all know what this is?

Also, when did mesh become acceptable attire - even for big-tittied sluts - to wear outside of the whorehouse/strip joint/bedroom? I thought even they knew that mesh was strictly for the sluttiest of situations.

And lastly, if you ARE going to make the questionable choice to wear mesh, why even wear clothes at all?

Incase you couldn't tell by the chiseled man-chin, this is Hulk Hogan's lovely sondaughter Brooke. And by lovely, I don't really mean attractive, or well dressed, or even human looking. In fact, I have half a mind to say she looks much like Ashlee Simpson would if she were fatter, sluttier, and more citrus-coloured than she already is.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Well, I haven't posted in quite a while, and what better way to kick off a new post than by bashing everyone and their dog from the MTV VMA's last night! God I am such a celebrity whore. And I LOVES IT.

First of all, WHAT the hell is Jessica Simpson's problem? Under normal circumstances she looks like a wax figurine at Madame Tussaud's, so why further the heinousness by wearing what appears to be a slashed nightgown and shorts? And the hair! Don't even get me started. My theory is that her fugly sister Ashlee begged her to be the ugly twin for a night.

Gwen, gwen, gwen....I love you. I really do. But why do you insist on showing up EVERYWHERE with that stark white, yanked back hair, red lips man in drag thing going on?! It's disturbing sometimes. You're too cute for that. I think Gwen was very sad last night because apparently the VMAs did not ask her to perform even though she was nominated for 6 awards - what a bunch of assholes!

But Gwen should not have publically expressed her upset over this before the awards because she got her ass robbed by none other than Dwarfugly Clarkson. Yes, Miss Clarkson won best female video and...something else, but by this time I was so shocked I wasn't paying attention. I wish I had a picture of Kelly Clarkson from last night, but I fear that no photo could accurately describe the horror this girl inflicted on my ears and eyes throughout the night. I am still having flashbacks.

No review of...well, anything, would be complete without a good old fashioned Hohan bashing. There is something very "little girl in mama's clothes" about her. Maybe it's that her body growth has been severely stunted by her love of the 8-balls? I also wish I had a picture of this bitch when she presented, because she changed into another even more disastrous dress with these freaky beige mesh bell sleeves. WHO wears mesh bell sleeves? Unless you're a competitive figure skater there is no excuse for that. More photos to come hopefully.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Monday, August 15, 2005

Well, It's Monday morning and the grin is still not gone. I don't know if it's directed at anything specific, or just a general excitation over the fact that life's twists and turns are so amazing sometimes. The bad, the good, it's all about learning lessons and humbling yourself and being the best person you can be in between. At the end of the day, you answer to yourself. And right now, I'm feeling pretty damn great about my self. Self, you rock!

I wrote a lot of things down yesterday. My thoughts are always so much clearer, and best expressed in writing and not in spoken word. Anyway, in writing things down yesterday I realized that I am very, very interested in the lessons that can be taken from every situation, be it big or small. Nature has a lesson to teach, music has a lesson to teach, people have lessons to teach. When you learn, you grow. When you refuse to learn, and shut out any criticism that may really help you, you shut out some of the best possible life experience you may be given. I choose never to shut anything out, I like to take it all in. And, I feel very good about that...

BUT that's not why I'm so giddy today. I'm giddy TODAY because I made some really, really great things happen this weekend. I mean, REALLY great. I am very proud and very content right now. Another lesson: achievments are best when small and consistent, and perseverance counts. Never look at the huge payoffs, but the little things you can do to improve. Wow, I feel like the friggin' Dalai Llama today! :) Actually, speaking of the Dalai Llama, one of my most favourite quotes in the entire world is from him: "I always have the feeling that I'm just another human being." Wow. Deep, man.

So as not to scare those of you who know me: I'm in a spiritual mood, sue me. There ya go, there's that Sarah charm :)


I am home from the housewarming party for Phil - Dave's brother - and all I can say is I am grinning from ear to ear. Sometimes, life throws you some fun surprises.

Goodnight, and god please let Monday come very very slowly...

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Casey Affleck, pissing on a tree in a park at his birthday party. Gosh, peeing in public is kind of a bad habit, isn't it?
I was pondering bad habits earlier while reading a pop-psych book my mother bought and has been reading voraciously. I always loved psychology, and have seriously considered becoming a psychologist. They say those who enjoy the study of the human mind are the people who agonize the most over their own minds. That's me, for sure.
I guess I just love to ponder the human psyche. Basically, I think that bad habits should never be in vain. For example, if you have to pee on a tree, at least do it because there is no bathroom in sight. Unlike Casey Asslick up there who pees on a tree next to the bathroom door. If you have to use humour in uncomfortable situations, at least be funny, and make it positive and/or self depracating humour so as not to unwittingly hurt others. See where I'm going with this?
So, the whole concept of bettering onesself so as to erase bad habits is great and all, but not entirely realistic. We can only change ourselves so much. Niven, the writer of said pop-psych book, said that our underlying personalities are virtually unchanging past the age of 16. So, unless you erase all of your bad habits by the age of 16, which is completely unlikely, you're kind of stuck working with them instead of fighting them. You can try and try to fight them, but they will eventually emerge. The question is, how can you learn over time to reduce the frequency and damage of your bad habits? One thing I've learned this weekend is never to take onesself too seriously, because it means you will ultimately take others too seriously, and sometimes others just don't deserve to be taken seriously. I know that firsthand! Everyone loves to throw around their opinions, but can they take an actual exposé of how ludicrous/ridiculous/hypocritical their opinions truly are? We can mostly dish it and not take it, basically. Sometimes, you have to let it go, because you can't change anyone but yourself.
Anyway, this weekend started off terribly - please see the taking others too seriously comment - but ended with lessons learned, a little humility, and some jazz. Saturday night was a trip to the Vintage Martini Bar with Emily to see her boyfriend Dave's brother's band play. Phil, Dave's brother, is an excellent musician. I love watching musicians that I know. It makes the music that much more special or something. Not that I know Phil that well, but you know what I mean. But, when it's jazz, it's even better, I've concluded. Jazz is very soothing. Emily and I really like getting dressed up and pretending we're sophistocated to the smooth sounds of it, even better when you can talk over the music and discuss boys.
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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Aaaaaah Wham Bam Thank you Ma'am!

Suffragette City

Back in Suffragette City

Way down in Suffragette City

Back in Suffragette City

Doo wah! Suffragette City

Woo Hah! Suffragette City

Way down in Suffragette City

Suffragette City... Suffragette...

I love that song. Today I feel like I'M in Suffragette City due to the severe headache I've got goin' on and the severe overtiredness. But, I'll be okay. I didn't post all week because I did absolutely nothing this week. It's weird, I barely remember what happened this week. It rained a lot, I made my appointment with the personal trainer (!!!), I went to Fort Erie to deliver some boxes one night for work. But yeah, nothing of actual interest happened. But that's okay, we all need a week like that sometimes. As for this week: IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!! Yes folks, 5 days from now I will be 22. I'm a big girl now! Ok not quite, but being that it's my birthday there are several things I need to get done before my next birthday. It's one of those house-cleaning moments for me. I kind of look at my birthday as a New Year Resolution time more than the New Year. This time next year I'll be able to say I followed through on my resolutions. But it's not going to be easy, so wish me luck with a beer on my birthday! :)

Speaking of resolution, my actual birthday plans are unresolved at present. More on that later people. I'm sorry, I couldn't decide!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Well, last night was crazy to say the least. Ange, Oliver & Jodi ended up going to the Falls and Curtis & company went to Port D but we never ended up seeing them. So, Emily and I were left to our own devices. We started off at some random bar in Port D...these guys came in for a sort of bachelor party, all drunk, all horny and all trying to pick us up left and right. It was funny, but we weren't biting. Though we did get in some great conversations about sexual positions and such. This is what happens when alcohol and men collide. Anyway, then we decided to brave the line at My Cottage. Saw tons of people, Emily and I decided we are the US Magazine of the Niagara Region because we are great observers/gossippers. The funniest part was when we saw Freddy, who was supposed to be out w/Ange, hitting on some nasty girl in the corner of the bar. Other weird moments: Emily getting grinded by a midget with acne, The Man Who Grabs Your Hair, Balding German Guy, and the grates in the dance floor/stairs that seriously impeded Emily's ability to walk and/or dance. Sooo then we went home around 3 AM and I watched Acecss Hollywood Weekend. Did you know that rich people throw wedding ceremonies and bar mitzvah's for their dogs? The things you learn in the early hours of the morn. Today: went to the beach, soaked up some sun and had fun times. Now, I'm ready to crash. Goodnight. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 06, 2005


People. people. people! You're driving me nuts.

Answering machine etiquette: do not cuss me off on my answering machine! if you're mad at me, please wait until i am actually listening, i can't delete messages until they're completely done and, well, that's just annoying.

Dinner etiquette: please! do not invite me over and then tell me why your girlfriend hates me for no reason. it somewhat ruins the dinner.

Ok. now that that's out of the way, tonight is going to be good times! It's currently between Port Dalhousie, St. Paul Street or Hamilton. Loves it! Hopefully will have good stories for tomorrow.

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Well, incase you hadn't heard, there was a craaazy freaky deaky plane accident at Toronto Pearon Int'l Airport August 2 at approximately 4:04 pm. Did I not just write a lengthy post about another Canadian plane accident? I am clearly disturbed. As this photo reveals, these people were not so disturbed as they stopped to grab their bags on the way to saving their lives. I can honestly say that this would be one instance where my clothes would be my last priority. That plane could take my iPOD, Costume Nacional bag and my beige UGGs for all I care. I'm hauling ass if I'm in a burning plane! It amazes me that these people thought of their bags.

Anyway, everything is back to normal in the life of Sarah B. I think I was PMSing and didn't realize it until it became blatantly obvious. Anyway, I have been bummed about the lack of Cory in my life as of late, but we have plans for tonight so I'm quite excited about that. I'm sitting at my desk eating a Subway sub. It's very yummy. Apparently, some dude at my work ordered a crapload of bubble wrap and cardboard and it isn't exactly sized to fit through the front door. It's pretty amusing.

Speaking of work, shout out to Em-Dawg who is thoroughly enjoying her new job! We are thisclose to our next shopping spree girlfriend! Emily's quote of the week: "Is it wrong to have so much money spent before its made? Oh why am I asking you!" hahaha. sooo true. why ARE you asking me.

This Saturday is dress up and go to Port Dalhousie and get hammed night, anyone else in?? You know you want to!!