Saturday, August 13, 2005

Aaaaaah Wham Bam Thank you Ma'am!

Suffragette City

Back in Suffragette City

Way down in Suffragette City

Back in Suffragette City

Doo wah! Suffragette City

Woo Hah! Suffragette City

Way down in Suffragette City

Suffragette City... Suffragette...

I love that song. Today I feel like I'M in Suffragette City due to the severe headache I've got goin' on and the severe overtiredness. But, I'll be okay. I didn't post all week because I did absolutely nothing this week. It's weird, I barely remember what happened this week. It rained a lot, I made my appointment with the personal trainer (!!!), I went to Fort Erie to deliver some boxes one night for work. But yeah, nothing of actual interest happened. But that's okay, we all need a week like that sometimes. As for this week: IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!! Yes folks, 5 days from now I will be 22. I'm a big girl now! Ok not quite, but being that it's my birthday there are several things I need to get done before my next birthday. It's one of those house-cleaning moments for me. I kind of look at my birthday as a New Year Resolution time more than the New Year. This time next year I'll be able to say I followed through on my resolutions. But it's not going to be easy, so wish me luck with a beer on my birthday! :)

Speaking of resolution, my actual birthday plans are unresolved at present. More on that later people. I'm sorry, I couldn't decide!


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