Monday, August 15, 2005

Well, It's Monday morning and the grin is still not gone. I don't know if it's directed at anything specific, or just a general excitation over the fact that life's twists and turns are so amazing sometimes. The bad, the good, it's all about learning lessons and humbling yourself and being the best person you can be in between. At the end of the day, you answer to yourself. And right now, I'm feeling pretty damn great about my self. Self, you rock!

I wrote a lot of things down yesterday. My thoughts are always so much clearer, and best expressed in writing and not in spoken word. Anyway, in writing things down yesterday I realized that I am very, very interested in the lessons that can be taken from every situation, be it big or small. Nature has a lesson to teach, music has a lesson to teach, people have lessons to teach. When you learn, you grow. When you refuse to learn, and shut out any criticism that may really help you, you shut out some of the best possible life experience you may be given. I choose never to shut anything out, I like to take it all in. And, I feel very good about that...

BUT that's not why I'm so giddy today. I'm giddy TODAY because I made some really, really great things happen this weekend. I mean, REALLY great. I am very proud and very content right now. Another lesson: achievments are best when small and consistent, and perseverance counts. Never look at the huge payoffs, but the little things you can do to improve. Wow, I feel like the friggin' Dalai Llama today! :) Actually, speaking of the Dalai Llama, one of my most favourite quotes in the entire world is from him: "I always have the feeling that I'm just another human being." Wow. Deep, man.

So as not to scare those of you who know me: I'm in a spiritual mood, sue me. There ya go, there's that Sarah charm :)


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