Sunday, August 07, 2005

Well, last night was crazy to say the least. Ange, Oliver & Jodi ended up going to the Falls and Curtis & company went to Port D but we never ended up seeing them. So, Emily and I were left to our own devices. We started off at some random bar in Port D...these guys came in for a sort of bachelor party, all drunk, all horny and all trying to pick us up left and right. It was funny, but we weren't biting. Though we did get in some great conversations about sexual positions and such. This is what happens when alcohol and men collide. Anyway, then we decided to brave the line at My Cottage. Saw tons of people, Emily and I decided we are the US Magazine of the Niagara Region because we are great observers/gossippers. The funniest part was when we saw Freddy, who was supposed to be out w/Ange, hitting on some nasty girl in the corner of the bar. Other weird moments: Emily getting grinded by a midget with acne, The Man Who Grabs Your Hair, Balding German Guy, and the grates in the dance floor/stairs that seriously impeded Emily's ability to walk and/or dance. Sooo then we went home around 3 AM and I watched Acecss Hollywood Weekend. Did you know that rich people throw wedding ceremonies and bar mitzvah's for their dogs? The things you learn in the early hours of the morn. Today: went to the beach, soaked up some sun and had fun times. Now, I'm ready to crash. Goodnight. Posted by Picasa


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