Friday, September 02, 2005

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But, I must warn you, I do not know the merits of truth in the first sentence of the post. What I do know is that a) mainstream American media is an absolute disgrace. Journalism no longer exists. Sensationalism lives. And b) regardless of the issue of race or class, the people who are suffering right now in the wake of the hurricane are undoubtedly impoverished people. People who had nowhere to go, and no means to get there even if they wanted to. American hypocracy is finally glaringly obvious to Americans themselves - about damn time! the rest of the world knew it all along - and unfortunately, it's at the hands of the lower class. And on the issue of race, you can not tell me that Bush wouldn't be in there faster than he could say weapons of mass destruction if this were an upper class white area - please see September 11, 2001 in NYC. This area is predominantly black, and people are dying in the streets, even in their attics. When President Bush is finally out of office and the history books start recording the shit stain that was his presidency, maybe people will finally ask themselves what the hell they were thinking voting him in a second time. The first time was highly debatable, but there was no mistaking the American people's choice the second time around. They have no one to blame but themselves right now. Politics makes me angry people.


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