Sunday, September 04, 2005

Relationships have more to do with chemistry than anything else, I'm convinced. Sure, people date for tons of other reasons - money, status, etc. - but in normal, everyday life, most people can't be with someone they aren't attracted to. And I don't just mean sexually, though that's a big part of it, I just mean in general. So, if you start dating someone new and it seems sort of...stale...and you can't really put your finger on why, it's probably because there's no chemistry. Forcing it is absolutely pointless.

But, as a good friend of mine once pointed out, what if you are naturally programmed to be attracted to the wrong type of person? Say, for example, you like people who treat you like crap as my friend claimed he did. Does that mean you're destined to only ever date people who treat you like crap? And if you don't, does that mean you'll never feel the heat in a relationship ever again?

It's all so confusing. I thought I was in love for a long time, and he turned out to be the wrong guy. I really wanted things to work out with the Boy, but I'm just not feelin' it. I'm fine being alone, I've never really been scared to be single. I always kind of enjoyed being able to sleep an entire day away or go to the movies alone if I wanted to. But, the message that you should be in a relationship (and have a successful career, hot body, retirement savings, house, car, and nursery just incase!) are everywhere. Even Sienna Miller is taking Jude Law back after he humiliated her by shagging the nanny (the na. nny.). My brother is getting married, and his fiancée's family was over last night. It was very nice, and I love her and I'm so glad for them both, but I couldn't help but feel like people were wondering when I'd get shacked up and married. I wonder if it was because people asked me where my boyfriend was? Could be. The Boy I loved...he is living with someone new. I can't help but feel a little bit like the years we spent together were not as important to him as they were to me. If they were, how could he just live with someone else in the wake of a painful breakup? But apparently, it's not just him. It's everywhere.

I guess I just want to wait for the borderline-retarded inducing feelings of falling in love again. Otherwise, why take time out of my busy reading trashy celebrity gossip magazines with my head hanging off the side of the bed schedule?


Blogger martin said...

man, I get lots of pressure as well, my parents really want grandkids. They really need to be looking at my siblings though...

6:11 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

i hear ya. we should have a big we're not engaged party, with raffle prizes and stuff like an un-stag & doe :)

10:51 AM  
Blogger megz0 said...

hay sarah, just letting ya know the first paragraph of this entry i can absoloutly relate to. I've spent so much of my time on relationships that have no purpose, with no chemistry. So I've put this quote on my computer backround to remind me that i don't need someone just 4 the sake of it!
Sexy site, loves it! xx

3:09 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

aww megzy you rock! i always go to your blog to check out your hot ass! :)

5:44 PM  

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