Sunday, October 23, 2005

Ok seriously, I'm starting to feel like a crazy person. I think I'm just somewhat stressed out lately over crap. Tonight was my mom's birthday dinner and as per usual it ended badly. I don't want to point the finger here, but I am seriously worried about my brother. He's just so negative and I fear that he will go through his whole life that way and constantly make things harder than they have to be. My parents are totally redoing his kitchen as a wedding present and you should see how he acts when they try to bring up making plans for it. Like it's a nuisance. It was just so annoying, and lately it's been happening far too often that his negativity is ruining the relationship we all have with him. I'm bummed out about it. It's a lot longer story than that I just don't feel like re-hashing it in my blog. But yeah. Things are...not good.


My friend did come by, and she was very very upset about her grandfather, who is currently dying of cancer. We had a nice long chat about our current woes, and all was well. I know things have been really hard on her, and I want to be there for her and be an understanding friend. My issues can wait.


Blogger ffleur said...

Family, can't live with them, can't kill them....

I hate when people are late. Its so rude and disrespectful. My sister is ALWAYS late. I've even tried telling her to meet me 1/2 hr b4 our date and EVEN THEN she is late! And she just breezes in, doesn't even apologize. I've come to the conclusion late people just see the world differently than I do.

8:04 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

OMG I have tried the same thing a few times to no avail. god i hate that.

as for family..isn't it strange that once you're all adults, you realize that just because you're family doesn't automatically mean the relationship will work? and when it isn't working, how hard do you try to salvage it if one person just isn't trying? these are the things that plague me on a saturday night.

9:09 PM  
Anonymous joydivision said...

I have an older sister that acts the same way, nothings ever good enough, she's never happy, which in turn constantly makes her the center of attention, always leaving me in a dark corner. Example she was thrown a sweet 16. It was a huge shin dig custom made dress tons of people, beautiful cake, photograhers from a local paper. Yet the bitch was moody all night and burst in to tears for no reason, and ran upstairs and refused to come down. Made the party come to a coplete stand still. I'm sure she was secretly loving it. When I turned 16 a party was never even brought up.

9:14 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

wow you guys sharing your family stories makes me feel better though I wish no one had to deal with this kind of crap. seriously why can't everyone be as perfect as us? WHY GOD WHY?

9:27 PM  
Blogger GetFlix said...

If you let it get to you, it will never get better. You've mentioned a couple times that your brother is getting married. To a guy, this is stressful stuff. He feels like his entire world is closing in on him. Cut him some slack, and try not to inflate the scene with your frustration. Guys are way time big on being freaked by marriage. Try looking at it from his angle. Take him out to lunch or something and listen, listen, listen. He needs to vent.

As far as people regularily being late, well that's a control issue. And I don't know enough about your problem bitch to advise you what to do. I can say this. Some close friendships do fade. And sometimes the rules change, and you are caught off-guard. If this bitch is trying to play you, try to remain above the scene. (Be happy for who you are!)

9:37 PM  
Blogger GetFlix said...

Oppps, when I say "problem bitch" I meant your friend, not you. When I read the post, it might translate either way, as blog grammar is up for grabs.

9:43 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

aww i know that weddings are totally stressful on a guy, but actually the problem stems from way before he even dated this girl. it's been a good few years now that things have been's just worse now. we've all tried everything...including listening, but i've just come to the realization that his negativity is his problem. it just sucks because going through life as a grumpy negative person can't be fun or easy.

9:49 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

somehow i sense that i might regret this post later, so don't be offended if i delete all traces of it guys! xoxo i love you guys for posting hehe

9:50 PM  
Anonymous joydivision said...

Sarah, I'm blog challenged I can't get one up, Help me Sarah, I wanna bitch and moan About my family and freinds on it non-stop. I wanna share. Like the time my da took me and brothers and sister to the movies, and on the way back he made us get out of the car and follow it all the way home, while hed drove like two miles an hour. In the middle of the night. He said it was good excercise.

10:04 PM  
Blogger ffleur said...

Joy, your father is weird!

Sarah, as for your brother, this what I realized about mine: I don't really know him. Consider he is 4 years older than me and left home at 20. So I was 16 when I stopped living with him, how well did I really know him? I knew he could eat like a horse and not gain weight, I knew he was a cool guy and was the leader of his posse. I know mum had to ORDER him or he wouldn't give me a ride home from school in his car and I know I was NEVER under threat of death, allowed in his room. Thats's about it. Now he is married and has kids. He's his wife's problem now. And he's not the boy I knew when he lived at home anymore.

10:59 PM  
Anonymous joydivision said...

Ffleur, weird is an understatment. He tried to set me on fire, a couple of years ago, not seen the fool since.

12:06 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

*gasp* joy are you for real? my brother was always so protective and we were close, we have tons of mutual friends...but something snapped maybe 5 years ago, he just isn't the same. blah. hey you should definitely get a blog! did you go to and sign up for one? i'm not that techie...but i signed up for one and then picked a layout and stuff...and from there it's pretty easy...i think? hey i write handbooks at my job i could totally write you a handbook! lol

1:08 PM  
Anonymous joydivision said...

My father was perfectly normal when I was really little, I'm the baby. So my brothers and sisters remember that. He was an aero-nautical engineer, we had it good, then somthing snapped, he quit his job and became really bizzare. O.K. I'll drop it!!! I'll wait till I do my own blog, then I'll go on and on non-stop, depressing everyone that enters ;)

5:02 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

haha yeah this is probably my most depressing post ever. sorry guys! i was in a really bad place last night after my mom's birthday dinner. i feel much better now though! :)

6:48 PM  
Anonymous joydivision said...

Good I'm glad. See your life is never as bad as it seems.

9:05 PM  
Blogger ffleur said...

Joy; I'm guessing a brain tumor?

10:31 PM  
Anonymous joydivision said...

Will never know Ffleur, but I have the cutest little pomeranian in the world! Her name is Chloe.

3:27 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

oooh pomeranians are cute! Chloe what a cute name....I have a big Golden Retriever named Jenny...she's so cute but a tomboy! i can't wait to move out of my parents place and get a tiny apartment sized dog

9:17 AM  
Blogger patti_cake said...

Sarah, my bro and I used to be "this" close. We did all sorts of fun things together and then in the past two years he has become so negative and a real bummer too. I just give him a hug and act the same when I see him but I don't seek him out and we never make plans like we used to. Truthfully I think he sufferes from clinical depression but he would never admit it or get help and it's really sad. He used to be a really fun, cool person. BTW I have a yorkie named Reilly. First small dog i've ever had but I love him to pieces. He only weighs 5 lbs full grown.

11:12 AM  

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