Sunday, November 13, 2005

This show is hot. It's my new favourite show. Sometimes it's really sad, sometimes it makes you mad, sometimes the people are really nice underneath everything and you really want them to get all clean. The best part is at the end when they show the people now after they've been clean. It's insane how much better they look 99.9% of the time. I'm a sucker for this shit. So tonight's episode was about two drug addicts. One was some dude named Matt who was only 19, still lived with his parents and was addicted to crack cocaine (crack! I've never understood how you touch that kind of shit. but i digress) and the other guy was none other than Travis the lead singer of Days of the New. You know you're a hasbeen when you're doing Intervention to get publicity. He is a crystal meth addict who is basically near death because of some chronic heart disease he's caused himself what with all the meth doing. Anyway, the regular dude - Matt - was kinda cute when they did his Intervention, he was all smily and seemed excited about it and agreed to it right away. He obviously didn't wanna be a junkie. But the Days of the New guy predictably pulled a Mariah and threw a bloody diva hissy fit. He was a real asshole too because he has a lot more at stake, he has a baby and girlfriend and obviously some kind of recognizable talent though I'm not exactly a Days of the New fan. The hottest moment was when his own mother wouldn't come to his Intervention and there was only two people there, his sister and girlfriend (ok and his baby), and he busted out and then the producer was like giving him a stern talking to to give him tough love and make him go so he went. In the end, surprisingly Travis Days of the New stayed in rehab for 73 days and has been clean for 2 months where the other guy relapsed a bunch of times, dumped his sponsor and says he's "trying to stay clean". Riiiight. We all know what "trying to" means. It means "not even on the same block of flats as 'trying'" as the old saying goes. Wait, that might not qualify as a saying. Whatever you get the point.

This weekend was rather stressful as you can imagine after Friday's incident I shall not speak of. But, I think I feel better. I think? I don't know. Shit happens. Nothing I can do. I hope they don't put me in the slammer and throw away the key, unless it's with Lil' Kim and then I can totally become her bitch! Anyways, Ang and I were supposed to go see Derailed and then hit up the Cat's Caboose afterwards to get bad, but it all went South after Kristen and Emily stuffed so we just stayed at Ange's. Saturday Kristen Ange and I went to Kelsey's for dinner and drinks. We are always crazy when we're together. We laughed until we cried about so many things, including the msot disturbing conversation/story I've ever heard/had about a Turkey baster.

We went back to Ange's late in the night to listen to music (Song that brought back memories: Never Ever by All Saints. Oh my god, All Saints were hot!) and I finally bought a cute black dress for the CTFS gala. It's so cute, has an O-ring halter, and I also bought meself a pair of teal peep tow shoes with bows. Love it! I haven't worn a dress to any event in years. I just don't do dresses. But this one is hot shit. Anyway I'm off to bed. I have ONE day of work this week - tomorrow - and then I'm off until November 21st. If that's not cause to celebrate I don't know what is. Night bitches!


Blogger Michael K said...

That shit is hot. I love especially when they totally freak out at interventions. Like they didn't see it coming.

10:49 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

lol I know MK! Especially since this isn't the first season. If you're on A&E talkin about drug addiction you can guarantee you're gonna get Intervened!

11:52 AM  
Blogger GetFlix said...

You should've had the dress on when you were pulled over! Might have let you go without a ticket.

10:40 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

yes all the men in my life seem to say the same things: "shoulda cried"..."shoulda taken your top off"...etc :)

5:48 AM  
Blogger GetFlix said...

Ahhh, Sarah if I was the cop, I would've let you off!

1:05 PM  

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