Wednesday, December 28, 2005

and yet suddenly, things look brighter...


I am too tired to even post, but just picture me rolling my eyes and grunting like an annoying 14 year old girl with moodswings.

or don't, cause frankly, my mood is pissing even ME off!

sorry guys, this is a pointless post.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Things earned throughout short Chrismas holiday:

Stick Wit U by the Pussycat Dolls in my head.
A questionably functioning RAZR phone.
A LOT of clothes.
And shoes.
and winter coats.
Boy problems.
Unsolicitied opinions - if you have to wonder, I'm talking about you.
More clothes.
Christmas presents.
Christmas dinner, revisited 3 times in the form of leftovers.
Stomachaches from eating said Christmas dinners.
A good catching up on Young and the Restless.
MuchMusic Holiday Wrap (I now know the Video on Trial rating of every video known to man)
Oh, and boy problems.

Did I mention that?

Sunday, December 25, 2005


My mom is one damn fine cook! I'm tellin' ya, she makes the best turkey, best stuffing, best sweet potatoes, and since she's Belgian there's always the Belgian tradition of croquettes and homemade Belgian chocolates, and Belgian waffles for breakfast. DAYUM. It's really too bad I don't have some crack laying around to take away my appetite for Christmas food. Anyway, this Christmas was pretty hot. Yesterday my brother and his fiancée came over, and we had Christmas dinner and then opened presents. My parents are hot and spoiled me as usual. I got a black razr phone, Lovely by My Little Pony Parker, gift certificates for the Pen Centre mall - hot! - and the movies, and some cute workout clothes. They also bought my brother some sweaters, a microwave and some gift certificates and what not as well. Conversely, we spoiled them too cause we get down like that....we bought my mom a hot gold diamond and garnet ring, and my dad a leather office chair for his office. Oh and I got my dad Trivial Pursuit cause he fuckin rocks at Trivial Pursuit AND fun little fact: my dad went to high school with one of the inventors of trivial pursuit.

What else? Friday Ange Kristen and I went shopping in the States. We went to the Prime Outlets on Military Road in Buffalo, NY. Yea, I live like 20 minutes from the border. It's kinda hot. Buffalo is stinky but there are some HOT deals right now over there and the Canadian dollar is kicking ass. it's like .86 on the US dollar. Hot shit. I spent like $350US all on myself..heh..oops. So, we're coming over the border and I advise my morally challenged friends against lying about our purchases since we had bags coming out the windows and I didn't want to go to jail on Christmas Eve we told the truth and of course were told to pay duty on our purchases. FUCK. Not cool. So we walk into the customs booth and who do I see but my hot friend we'll call M. He is one of my brother's childhood and current friends. I always kind of had a schoolgirl crush on him and now I love him even more because he totally let us go without paying! It was so hot. So we busted out of there like bandits hoping we wouldn't hear some suspicious sirens.

Um what else? Well, Canadians far and wide can't resist the allure of the MuchMusic holiday Wrap. I try and I try every year not to get caught up in watching 5 hours a day of the mindless television that is the Wrap, and I watched the Video on Trial marathon, Stars on Trial, the Who To Do: 20 Hottest Guys List, MuchNews 2005, and Born to Be. I haven't actually gone outside in about 48 hours. Gotta love the Holidays! Ok well Merry Christmas you hot bitches and I hope you all get whatever you want and more!



Thursday, December 22, 2005

So, I had a date tonight. And, it went amazing. And now I'm in that wait-and-see-what-he-thought mode where I want to literally bang my head against a wall because I'm so excited/giddy/nervous/anxious. Damnit GET YOUR ASS ON MSN or e-mail me or SOMETHING. Alright he is a guy so he isn't rushing home to jump on MSN and talk to me I guess. WHY ISN'T HE. argh!

That Tyler Hilton is kind of a sexy bitch...


This website is hot. It's all photos of kids scared shitless of Santa Claus! Click the photo to see more...

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A TPG COMPANY CHRISTMAS (complete with borderline inappropriate drunkenness!)

Well, Friday night my hot sexy co-workers and I had our Christmas shindig at the Boston Pizza on Casablanca. I guess you didn't need to know the location but whatev! We had some fun times and some us whose names I won't mention Marty partook in the Fishbowl Friday tradition at BP and drank what was basically 12 shots in a Fishbowl Marty. Marty was the nights photographer as usual and took some great shots. Click the photos to check out the whole bunch. xoxo and Merry Christmas all.

Monday, December 19, 2005


Well, it's that time of year again when Christmas songs play on the radio, snowflakes fall on the ground and everything is lit up with joy and laughter and love. I wonder what types of traditions the Federline family plan to start this year?

For example, how much allowance will Brit Brit give K-Fed so he can buy her Christmas presents? And, when he spends it all on Marlboro's, beer and the ganja, how many of his toys will she take away? Personally I think Britney could use some glamour shots or something from the mall...anything is better than what she currently looks like. I do not get this bitch. I mean, apparently trailer trash is the most difficult thing to break from a person's spirit because if I became rich and famous I'd like to think my clothing/personal style/taste in men would only IMPROVE. Not Britney. She wants to stay that down-home fried chicken eating crotch-exposing jeans wearing dirtbag marrying baby making Louisiana gal forever. FOREVER.

Now, I know that technically Luke Wilson could probably gain 100 lbs. and people would STILL love him because for some reason the Wilson brothers seem to be exempt from the general rules of attractiveness that apply to other people....but still. He is looking so not hot these days. It's like this, Wilsons, we are affording you the luxury of teetering on the fine line between average and fugly because you make us laugh and when men are funny women seem to overlook the looks thing...but please heed my warning when I tell you that you do not want to test the waters of fatness. I saw The Family Stone, and trust me, you weren't funny enough to make up for the extra poundage. For Christmas, why don't you ask Owen if he can score you some sweet Cuban. I'm sure he knows where to find it.

Wow, remember the days when Hilary was still the prettier Duff sister? Me either. But now, she can certainly say she is the skinniest Duff sister. And, she can also say she is the Duff sister with the Biggest Teeth. And, if we're keeping score, she could also say she is the Duff sister with the fugliest Boyfriend and least talent. Do you see why for Christmas I wish people would stop hating so much on Haylie? She may resemble a Daschund puppy but she's STILL the better Duff. I wonder what these two are getting each other for Christmas? New coke vials? Bags for each other's heads?

Sunday, December 18, 2005


I'm watching De-Lovely off and on. I've seen most of it already. It wasn't that great a movie really. But I am a sucker for a good musical and the songs in De-Lovely are pretty awesome, especially the title song, De-Lovely - sung by Robbie Williams in the film - and Let's Fall in Love - sung by somewhat old-looking super-Canadian femme Alanis Morrissette.

I had a weird weekend. I don't know how to explain it, just weird. You know when something changes, and you can feel it changing, and you don't know how or why it's changing but it just is. And, you always thought that if that thing ever changed, it would be earth shattering and filled with the kind of drama that earth shattering events often bring. But when it happens it just...isn't. It happens, and you don't try to fight it or change it or do much about it. It just is what it is. This is the weird thing about blogs, I'd love to be able to tell entire stories to my readers but sometimes I just can't! URGH.

Anyway, I went to see The Family Stone today with my cousin. She was on my case for like months trying to pin me down so I finally said let's do it. I just don't hang out with her that much, but being that it's family there's an added level of guilt when they tell you they haven't seen you in forever. So, yea...Family Stone...good movie! For those of you who don't like SJP, this movie will just confirm your hatred of her. She's good in it but her character is just so perfectly annoying. It's actually not AS funny as I would have liked/predicted...but then, there were other unexpected things in it that sort of made up for it....but not entirely. I still think it would have been better had there been a few more REALLY funny parts. Lots of mild chuckles...not a lot of big big laughing moments. It's like hello!? paging Luke Wilson!? You are in the friggin movie...say something hilarious! Ok to his credit he was the funniest character in the movie.

So now I'm watching the What Not to Wear marathon on TLC...and it's the two most annoying episodes back to back. First, it's Mrs. Britney-in-20-years, who not ONLY is Britney in 20 years but has hair that can only be described as Bon Jovi circa 1985 if Bon Jovi bleached his hair 18 times and then swam with a toaster. They cut and dyed her hair into this cute sassy little cut and she literally said nothing, and then said "well....i don't DISlike it....". It's like bitches, trailer-trash doesn't know the difference between trashy and trendy. They think gold lamé halter tops with strings down the front are hot.

Now it's this total cow who dresses like Mary-Kate Olsen. And that's bad if you ARE Mary-Kate Olsen...but it's downright disastrous if you've got 100 lbs. on Mary-Kate Olsen. It's's like you're an obese bag-lady, and when you're doing the homeless look you can't be obese because homeless people generally don't get the opportunity to overeat so it's totally unrealistic. She's one of those ones that isn't really co-operative or happy to be there. She thinks everything they suggest is ugly and when they set her free to buy her own stuff she tries to buy a flat front pleated yellow plaid skirt. And yet I can't stop watching.

So this is the last week before Christmas. I can't wait. My grandparents gave me some Christmas money - trying to ensure (and insure) my love for another year no doubt. As you can tell I'm not exactly close with them. But I AM close with their money and that's what counts at Christmas, right? So I plan to do some shopping of my own...a girl needs New Year's wear doesn't she? A new year a new wardrobe I always say.

But seriously, I AM really all about my family at Xmas and so I can't wait to spend a quiet evening at home with my parents (Ron and Dany), my brother Jeffrey and my future sister-in-law Becky. Oh and my dog Jenny.

A good night to all and to all a good night.

Friday, December 16, 2005


Well the first huge snowstorm of the season came yesterday. We all knew it was coming but when it did, it was quite the event. Cars sliding everywhere, tow trucks out in full force...Me, gritting my teeth and clenching my hands on the steering wheel in terror. I managed to make it to work fine, but the snow started in late morning and just was out of control by I, being extremely scared of driving at night anyway, decided to leave work early. Of COURSE this was only because of the snow, how dare you imply that I was using it to get out of work? How dare you indeed! As I was cleaning off my car, everyone decided to watch from the window and Martin, ever the photog, snapped some photos which I clearly was not expecting whatsoever:

Long live the snow, and Christmas, and all things white and powdery! uhm...yeah.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I am SO TIRED right now. I swear, I don't get it. On the weekends, I can go to bed at 3 am and be up at 9 with dare I say...gusto. Motivation even. Weekdays, I can barely be bothered to wash my hair and getting out of bed is a nightmare. At the end of the day I want to COLLAPSE into bed. WTF is going on?!

Anyways Degrassi: Next Generation was hot Monday night. I know you Canadians are loyal fans. So, Craig and the band got a manager and almost a record deal...but the band sucks, and Craig is the only one with real talent so Ellie tells him to screw the band - she's the drummer - and bust it out himself. But I didn't get the ending...Craig plays his song at the showcase but then it shows him making out with Manny and hopping in a car and driving he going to Vancouver to record his album? I don't get it! If Craig is off the show for a while that would suck. I love Craig. Manny also caught Craig with his arm around Ellie showing her this drum solo...that Ellie is breaking EVERYBODY up (see: Hazel and Jimmy like two weeks ago). That little goth skank should keep her mitts off other people's men. I don't trust boyfriend stealers and neither do the bitches at Degrassi! Ask Paris Hilton's....well anyone whose ever known her.

Uhm what else? OMG. I bought my parents a chair on ebay for christmas, a really nice chair, and I bought it November 24 so enough time to get it here...the bastards said they can't ship to Canada but waited until Dec 13 to tell me! So now i'm all rushing around trying to find a replacement. I hate shit like that. I'm tempted to pull a Perez Hilton and post his name. Speaking of Perez, did anyone see how he ratted out a spammer on his website? Some dude was spamming his site non stop and Perez posted his name, address and phone number. I don't like that shit at ALL. Like, what if he had the wrong guy? This person is probably getting thousands of calls a day. Sure, he's probably a loser but still. Perez needs to fucking grow up. Get your head out of Paris Hilton's vagina. Stop wearing shiny shirts. Stop snorting so much coke. Stop....being you. I donno, maybe it's the rag but he annoys the shit out of me today! But, ok enough Perez bashing. Now I'll bash Parasite. She's a dirty, talentless skank. But, people...I don't know WHAT it is...but here she is looking....cute. her hair is cute, and for the first time possibly EVER it is styled in a trendy and modern style. It looks like hair and not highly flammable synthetic hair-like substance. Something's going on when she decides to start looking normal. Can it be true? Is Nicole Richie befriending her again? Giving her style tips perhaps? Well atleast I can start hating Richie again if it's true.

Monday, December 12, 2005


So, guys, I know I've been like non existent. I get that way sometimes! I was busy having glamorous fun times and then was sick and blah blah cry bitch moan. I've had quite the few weeks. Mostly the hottest part was the big CTFS gala. We had so much fun!

In the middle is my hot bitch of a friend Kristen and Ange on the right. I must say, we were dressed to the nines. We proceeded to dance the night away, and Chris Chandler got hammered and did his usual dance with married women who don't know him but will soon love his hot moves.

Uhm what else? I finished all my xmas shopping!! I love christmas. LOVE IT. I can't wait for Christmas Eve. I want a new blackberry!

Things I was very surprised to hear: Nicole Richie and DJ AM broke up?! Are you f*ing kidding me?! Oh he dumped her? Because she was a bitchy anorexic? Oh ok. So, in that case I can see it.

Ok bitches I'll try to post more now. love you all.