Monday, December 19, 2005


Well, it's that time of year again when Christmas songs play on the radio, snowflakes fall on the ground and everything is lit up with joy and laughter and love. I wonder what types of traditions the Federline family plan to start this year?

For example, how much allowance will Brit Brit give K-Fed so he can buy her Christmas presents? And, when he spends it all on Marlboro's, beer and the ganja, how many of his toys will she take away? Personally I think Britney could use some glamour shots or something from the mall...anything is better than what she currently looks like. I do not get this bitch. I mean, apparently trailer trash is the most difficult thing to break from a person's spirit because if I became rich and famous I'd like to think my clothing/personal style/taste in men would only IMPROVE. Not Britney. She wants to stay that down-home fried chicken eating crotch-exposing jeans wearing dirtbag marrying baby making Louisiana gal forever. FOREVER.

Now, I know that technically Luke Wilson could probably gain 100 lbs. and people would STILL love him because for some reason the Wilson brothers seem to be exempt from the general rules of attractiveness that apply to other people....but still. He is looking so not hot these days. It's like this, Wilsons, we are affording you the luxury of teetering on the fine line between average and fugly because you make us laugh and when men are funny women seem to overlook the looks thing...but please heed my warning when I tell you that you do not want to test the waters of fatness. I saw The Family Stone, and trust me, you weren't funny enough to make up for the extra poundage. For Christmas, why don't you ask Owen if he can score you some sweet Cuban. I'm sure he knows where to find it.

Wow, remember the days when Hilary was still the prettier Duff sister? Me either. But now, she can certainly say she is the skinniest Duff sister. And, she can also say she is the Duff sister with the Biggest Teeth. And, if we're keeping score, she could also say she is the Duff sister with the fugliest Boyfriend and least talent. Do you see why for Christmas I wish people would stop hating so much on Haylie? She may resemble a Daschund puppy but she's STILL the better Duff. I wonder what these two are getting each other for Christmas? New coke vials? Bags for each other's heads?


Blogger Michael K said...

Sarah have you seen that pic of Luke's package. It ain't bad!

1:06 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

shut UP no i haven't! omg is he packin? that's hot!

4:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

(Vanessa said...)

I found your blog because you were trashing KFed in the first place; and let me be the first to say Sarah, that you never disappoint me in your verbal lashings towards him! (...and her, especially about her lousy taste in "man"...which I say because KFed makes JT look like Brad Pitt!!). Keep it coming!

2:05 AM  

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