Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I am SO TIRED right now. I swear, I don't get it. On the weekends, I can go to bed at 3 am and be up at 9 with dare I say...gusto. Motivation even. Weekdays, I can barely be bothered to wash my hair and getting out of bed is a nightmare. At the end of the day I want to COLLAPSE into bed. WTF is going on?!

Anyways Degrassi: Next Generation was hot Monday night. I know you Canadians are loyal fans. So, Craig and the band got a manager and almost a record deal...but the band sucks, and Craig is the only one with real talent so Ellie tells him to screw the band - she's the drummer - and bust it out himself. But I didn't get the ending...Craig plays his song at the showcase but then it shows him making out with Manny and hopping in a car and driving he going to Vancouver to record his album? I don't get it! If Craig is off the show for a while that would suck. I love Craig. Manny also caught Craig with his arm around Ellie showing her this drum solo...that Ellie is breaking EVERYBODY up (see: Hazel and Jimmy like two weeks ago). That little goth skank should keep her mitts off other people's men. I don't trust boyfriend stealers and neither do the bitches at Degrassi! Ask Paris Hilton's....well anyone whose ever known her.

Uhm what else? OMG. I bought my parents a chair on ebay for christmas, a really nice chair, and I bought it November 24 so enough time to get it here...the bastards said they can't ship to Canada but waited until Dec 13 to tell me! So now i'm all rushing around trying to find a replacement. I hate shit like that. I'm tempted to pull a Perez Hilton and post his name. Speaking of Perez, did anyone see how he ratted out a spammer on his website? Some dude was spamming his site non stop and Perez posted his name, address and phone number. I don't like that shit at ALL. Like, what if he had the wrong guy? This person is probably getting thousands of calls a day. Sure, he's probably a loser but still. Perez needs to fucking grow up. Get your head out of Paris Hilton's vagina. Stop wearing shiny shirts. Stop snorting so much coke. Stop....being you. I donno, maybe it's the rag but he annoys the shit out of me today! But, ok enough Perez bashing. Now I'll bash Parasite. She's a dirty, talentless skank. But, people...I don't know WHAT it is...but here she is looking....cute. her hair is cute, and for the first time possibly EVER it is styled in a trendy and modern style. It looks like hair and not highly flammable synthetic hair-like substance. Something's going on when she decides to start looking normal. Can it be true? Is Nicole Richie befriending her again? Giving her style tips perhaps? Well atleast I can start hating Richie again if it's true.


Blogger GetFlix said...

Don't get soft on me Sarah!! My love is too deep. Paris Chilton will destroy everyone!! She's dumber than Angie. And that's bad.

I've got faith in you Canadian gals!

10:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

(Vanessa said...)

She looks like she's trying to hide a bad haircut here!! And I didn't think it was possible, the reason you like the dress is because it makes her look like she has a normal body, not the demented stick-figure we're used to seeing of her. If her and Nicole both eat nothing but cake and cookies for a month or so, they might look about normal. I liked Nicole before all the weight came off; and I think Paris' face looks demented...why do people think she's hot? She's just annoying!!

3:32 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

haha getflix you're hot and i love you. you're my new favourite poster! :)

i think i was just tired and really not thinking straight, i hate that flat-assed bitch!

9:05 AM  

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