Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Well I have finally caught the sickness that is My Dad's Cold I was Trying not to Get. It's actually not that bad, I have a slightly raspy - a.k.a. supersexy and hot of course! - voice, but the postnasal drip and coughing, not so hot. I now know what Colin Farrel's lungs must feel like. Or his liver. Or his kidneys. Or his unsafely and overused penis. Or his mother, because she must be really ashamed of....I digress. Anyway, apparently Colin is suing over their posting of a free link to his sex tape. Who even wants to see his gnarly ass doing it with some random skank? I do not know HOW or WHY Colin Farrell is famous but you heard it here first folks: COLIN FARRELL IS DISGUSTING. NOT CUTE. NOT HOT. NOT SEXY. NOT TALENTED. COLIN FARRELL SHOULD GO AWAY. FOR A LONG, LONG TIME. HELL, FOREVER. HE IS REMINISCENT OF SOMEONE LIVING ON THE EAST SIDE OF WELLAND AND THAT AIN'T GOOD.

Ahh, yes. I feel much better having broken that news.

So, what else? This weather is out of control! I mean, I realize that regardless of the weather conditions I'll continue to wear skirts without stockings because I believe in suffering for fashion, but COME ON. It's just a LOT easier on all of us - all of us being anyone who has to listen to my whining - if it's warm and sunny outside.

So remember I told you guys I went on a super fun and wicked date with a boy a little while back? Well the boy and I have been seeing each other. I can't say I'm seeing stars or fireworks or...whatever. But, we have reasonable amounts of fun together so we have continued to see each other. But, tonight, I can honestly say nuts to that! Things the boy does that annoy me: Doesn't call me when he says he will, only to call much much MUCH later and exclaim: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!. No, boy, no, where have YOU been?? Calling me after a night or five of heavy drinking with what can only be described as emphazyma voice to recount how drunk he got and what stupid things he did. Girls don't really like that. No I know, it's hard to believe but we don't.

Anyway so methinks this boy has had his day in the life of moi. I shall now fill my time stroking my 17 cats and playing Solitaire. Kidding bitches! Actually my brother is getting married so I'm going to be tied up trying to find a bridesmaid dress and being a good sister/bridesmaid.

Well I'm about to eat dinner...goodnight all!



Blogger GetFlix said...

Thank you!! I can't stand Colin. He's annoying, fug and lacks any real talent.

All I can say in defense of "the boy" is we do dumb stuff.

1:21 PM  
Blogger Ceeta Bonita said...

At First Glance I thought this was now fugly George Michael..and at second glance I thought it was Randy Macho Man Savage.. What the hell has happened to Collin Farrel? He's bloated up a good 100 lbs!

3:17 PM  
Anonymous Lo said...

Sarah - I actually saw the video - SNOOZE FEST! It's when he had his head shaved, so he looks fug. Not to mention whoever she is - I thought she was FUG! Hot body, but her face - blah!

5:56 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

i've seen a few screen caps of it...NOT good. Colin Farrell is like the male Britney Spears...he shouldn't be famous because he's such a piece of trash but somehow people thought he was talented.

8:12 AM  

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