Thursday, January 12, 2006


So, last night's Larry King Live was pretty lackluster, I have to say. James Frey is pure sex though, I love him. He's totally hot in a nerdy writer/former drug addict kind of way. Anyway if you're into James Frey, check out his website, Big Jim Industries for the scoop on the current scandaliciousness surrounding his books. Do not, however, and I repeat NOT, check out The Smoking Gun for their bastardly exposé about James' embellishments. Don't. It's wrong.

What else? I feel like a kid in a candy store today because it's so sunny and gorgeous out. It's +9 today. Tomorrow it's supposed to be +13. That's just friggin great. Almost as good as Chestica Simpson's new badass black eye. I hope someone held her down and beat her good-style! And what the FUCK happened to her face? DAYUM. Get a bigger hat!

I must now go and finish enjoying this fantabulous day, but not before giving a GIGANTIC shout out to Marty The Coworker's Sextacular friend WES who apparently reads my blog from time to time. Clearly, he loves me. Whatever, who doesn't?! Later bitches!


Blogger GetFlix said...

We're rockin' the same page here, as I think the Smoking Gun expose is a bunch of shit. Haven't these bitches ever heard of "On The Road" which is half true and half made-up?!!

And we get your weather, so I am smiling!!

9:57 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

exactly! James Frey actually references On The Road as a prime example! The whole thing is so stupid. Granted, I'm nosy and I want to know what's true and what isn't, but it doesn't take away from the book at all. I heart Frey.

8:10 AM  
Blogger martin said...

she has a sexy butt chin.

6:12 AM  

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