Sunday, January 15, 2006

Well tonight is like Julia Roberts night or some shit on tbs because they just played Stepmom and now Pretty Woman. I LOVE me some Pretty Woman. It's at commercial now, but the part where she goes shopping in her hooker dress and gets turned away just ended. I love the song during that part...i think i need to invest in the soundtrack. I just got the soundtrack to Dirty Dancing and Rent. HOT.

Julia Roberts truly is a Pretty Woman. She is just gorgeous. Okay, lately she looks like her skin hasn't seen much light and she wears Lands End jeans and doesn't brush her hair, but she's a mother to twins so we'll let it slide. She will make a hot comeback and have a bangin' body and be just as gorgeous as ever very soon. SHE WILL. She is one of a kind. I love Julia.

So this weekend was pretty quiet, I haven't been sleeping well lately so I know I should have just spent it at home but of course I went to Angela's because I am addicted to hanging out there lol. loves it! Chandler, Ange and I just hung out and watched home movies but of course I passed out, slept over and we went shopping on Saturday at Designer Depot. I got THE hottest pair of Guess heels EVER. They're round-toe 4 inch heels with that sort of retro thick heel goin on, brown python on the toe and heel and the G logo canvas print on the rest. They are my new favourite shoes. I'm a shopaholic, I know. It's really bad! But I couldn't let these go. And, there was a pair of black heels I decided not to get that I now can't stop thinking about and want to go back and get. It's sick. Why am I cursed with fashion love? I mean I used to like clothes, love shopping....but it was like one day I discovered the world of shoes and bags and I went buckwild! They truly do MAKE an outfit don't they? I just spent an entire paragraph discussing shoes. damnit!

Well, after this weekend I am determined to get my sleeping issues under control. I haven't had a good night's sleep in quite some time now. I think that a lot of stressful events happened around Christmas that just wore me into insomniac mode. Anyway I'm definitely going to take steps to manage my stress in a healthy fashion and get more rest. I'm taking a Buddhist meditation class at Grantham Library every Thursday night about how to control the mind and body with meditation. Hot! I'm excited!


Blogger GetFlix said...

You wouldn't be a girl if you didn't love shopping for shoes!

8:29 PM  
Blogger patti_cake said...

*sigh* I love shopping also, for clothes, shoes, bags, beauty products - well -you get the picture. I'm now being haunted by a pair of orange flats with a diamonte' buckle that I let GET AWAY! :(

7:54 AM  

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