Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Wow, it's been FOREVER - like, 3 days - since I've posted about my girl Nicole Richie. Look what this bitch wore to hand out free Diet Dr. Pepper's (read: the entire contents of her diet) to New Yorkers. WTF?!:

And here she is shopping...her bangs are looking a little...uhm...Large. But otherwise girlfriend is exquisite. She's such a role model.

Shopping again. Seriously what else does this bitch do? I love her.

Check out this f*ed up clip of her and Hohan. Nice "interview".

Monday, February 20, 2006


Well, Friday certainly lived up to my expectations. In fact, I think it somersaulted over my expectations in a drunken haze. Let's just say, I'm not a big drinker. And let's just say, I'm a cheap drunk when I do drink. And let's just say, I got shitty. I was ass backwards retarded drunk. As Carrie Bradshaw says, Drunkety Drunk Drunk.

We went to this bar called Stella's. It's probably my favourite bar, I dig the open concept and the dance floor is pretty spacious. Of course, spacious is good when you lose control of your limbs. I blame my cousin Nathalie - below left - for coaxing me into a kind of drunk you can't turn back from once you're there.

Anyway, if anyone is into hockey like I am and knows the Buffalo Sabres, their star fighter Andrew Peters was at Stella's on Friday and I proceeded to accost him in a fit of giggles. Apparently he was trying to be covert and I outed him. Oh well.

The following events I can't recount with certainty...mostly because I'm trying to forget what I remember and can't remember the rest ;) I suppose that could either mean it was a successful night or....not. I don't know but I had fun! Until the next morning when I fell asleep on my bathroom mat.....

Thursday, February 16, 2006

What a week! I'm feeling very very good since my workout regime began approximately a week ago. Renewed motivation has caused me to lose another 4 lbs. this week alone. LOVES IT. guys probably can't relate but for a girl losing 4 lbs. is like heaven! even if you're nicole richie. lol.

Valentine's Day came and went uneventfully. A boy asked me to be his valentine which was very sweet...in the end though, I spent it doing my nails at home while my parents went on a vday date. My dad brought me back heart shaped lava cake. mmm.

Wednesday my girl friend came down and took me out for lunch midday - a nice break from the work thing. And brought me a single rose and a lovely card. Unexpected and very nice. We went out that night for a little post valentine's date of our own. fun times...

and today, i am relaxing after work with a trip to the gym and some Survivor on the tube. I promised a few people I'd go to Stella's tomorrow for some dancing and drinking fun times...so I must be rested and ready for said fun times. I need it!

I certainly had my share of not fun situations this week. More like something I had to do, but it sucked. Had to do, but didn't necessarily want to do. Those things happen. I am very happy with myself though because sometimes - as a woman - I tend to overthink my actions in terms of what other people will think. And now, I'm sort of growing into realizing that sometimes it just doesn't matter. You have to take care of you and if you can't change a situation, then it's your decision/fault if you keep repeating it or not. It can get sticky but in the end, it's worth it to stand up for yourself. No one else will!

Love ya biotches. This is going to be a lovely weekend, weather be damned!


Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I LOVES me some Olympics. I really do. No offence to any Americans who read my blog because I love the Americano's but in Canada, we are slightly anti-US....not in the Al-Qaeda extremist kind of way, but in the jealous little sister kind of way. We just kind of....like talking about you behind your back. A lot. But you're used to it by now being that your President is vaguely retarded. But secretly we're just jealous! We promise! Anyway, in that respect Olympic time becomes The Time When We Hope the Americans fall Flat on Their Asses and We Don't. I know, it's so petty...but it's TRADITION! We are glued to the CBC 24/7 watching Olympic events, and since my dad just bought us a friggin 90" movie screen for a tv, well...we aren't exactly motivated not to watch. Here are some of my favourite athletes and highlights. Oh and P.S....secretly we know we can't win more medals than you. And it hurts. It really hurts.

Beckie Scott and Sara Renner...silver medal in women's team sprint:

Alison Forsyth, poor thing crashed and suffered injuries during a practice run the other day and can't compete now. This also happened to a French and an American, but of course NBC didn't mention the Canadian! Bastards! (xoxo)

The one sport we KNOW we can beat you at (and it's our favourite!)...and we're practically giddy waiting for that day to come. 2002 Olympic repeat? I think so!! It almost makes up for our other shortcomings (snowboarding anyone?).

So far it's only like day 4 so nothing huge has happened...but you can bet I'll keep posting about the Olympics because I'm addicted. Oh also, apparently it's Valentine's day. Happy Valentine's Day people!