Saturday, March 18, 2006


Hey guys! Hope your St. Pats was super cool-y-e!

I heart St. Pats. Beer beer and more beer.

Today I'm heading out for a shopping spree in the B-Lo, NY. I love the Walden Galleria. So many stores we don't have in's like CandyLand. And then when you wear the stuff you buy people go "oooh so cute where did you get that?" and you can be like "in the states...booyah!"

so it's almost 10 am. i'm starving and waiting for Angela to get her butt outta bed so we can go. i'm gonna go rummage for breakfast. xoxo


Blogger GetFlix said...

That must be wild to bop back and forth with ease. I've only been to Canada once. That was to Montreal, and it took forever. And it was the winter.

Very cold, but very pretty city.

8:40 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

haha yeah it's fun to go over there to Americaville...but I wish we bordered something a tad cooler than Buffalo lol

8:52 AM  

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