Monday, April 10, 2006


How do you know when it's real love? by William Mora Galleries

Hello hot sexy people. How's it going? Just a quick update...

Trip to Europe plans are coming along...well ok, all I've done is submit my passport application and shop for clothes I "need" for the trip....but you can see how I have every intention of doing some actual planning.

Truth be told I have my accomodations worked out, all my stops, my tickets bought...things are good. I just need to pack realistically. As in, I can't bring every pair of shoes I own. Boo.

I've also been seeing a boy...his name's Jordan and he's super awesome. We are having loads of fun hanging out and seeing where things may lead.

I definitely have spring fever. The weather's been beautiful mostly, and knowing that I have but 6 weeks left on the job is KILLING me. Literally, it is a slow silent death awaiting a vacation isn't it?

What else? I have found the art of spinning. Ok so spinning is probably "sooo 90's" but whatever, I love it! It's fun, plus once you're on the bike and in the spinning class you're stuck for an hour like it or not. 75 minutes on saturdays. killer!

Life is Good. and now, a quote from a Jewel song that I think best describes me:

"Be careful with me. I'm sensitive, and I'd like to stay that way" - Jewel